Warning to Republicans

By January 28, 2017US Politics

A few days ago, from the U.S. Department of Defense twitter account, came the following tweet:

“Social media postings sometimes provide an important window into a person’s #mentalhealth. Know what to look for. go.usa.gov/x9yVB”

The link was to an article describing how social media can be used by professionals to assist in suicide prevention in the veteran community. However, some of the Twitterati accused the department’s managers of having a sly dig at Trump and his bizarre tweets. Having such a sly dig at someone without mentioning their name is called ‘subtweeting’ and many assumed that this was the aim of the tweet.

Despite the fury from trumpettes at the perceived slight of their Dear Leader, I don’t think it was at all simply a subtweet of Trump. What I believe it to be was a warning to the Republicans, who hold the majority in both houses, that their orange president is mentally unstable. The reason I think this, is because of what Trump has said about global warming being a Chinese conspiracy and also what he is attempting to do with NASA’s data collection, and development and deployment of remote sensing technology. The people at the US Department of Defense are not stupid. They have an understanding of what global warming means and what it might lead to, by way of changes in weather patterns, increasing severity of storms, sealevel rise, dislocation of millions of people, concomitant increasing likelihood of conflict, and changes in ocean chemistry. The US Department of Defense is probably the best prepared for such eventualities among all government agencies. They have to be, because of the lead time required to develop new technology, systems and equipment to cope with all these possibilities. Unlike Trump and his retinue of millionaires, and the halfwits in the Republican party who ‘believe’ that global warming is a hoax, the US Department of Defense knows what science can do, and how it can make their efforts more effective. It has relied on science since before the Second World War to keep ahead of the game.

The Republicans will ignore this warning at their peril.



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