Turnbull bereft of principles

By February 15, 2017Australian Politics

Prior to 2009, when he was dumped for Tony Abbott, I was under the impression that Malcolm Turnbull at least roughly understood climate science and the urgency with which we needed to act on it now and not when it was too late. Most people suspected that Abbott had no principles and was just another career politician looking out for personal advancement. Abbott’s time as Prime Minister clearly demonstrated that he not only had no principles, but had no integrity and no judgement, and minimal linguistic ability. This is perhaps why he was unsuccessful as a journalist. I suspect his associated lack of empathy put a bit of a dampener on his possible career as a priest.

When Abbott’s stocks and his polling dropped like a stone, and Turnbull became Prime Minister, hope among the populace was sky-high, as the polling for the LNC jumped dramatically almost overnight, not only because Turnbull was almost infinitely more articulate, but because people expected him to do something about climate policy which would actually have an effect upon emissions, unlike the Emissions Reduction Fund, which has simply reversed the downward trend on emissions seen under the Carbon Tax. They also expected him to get rid of the ludicrous same sex marriage (SSM) plebiscite, which was just a delaying tactic orchestrated by Abbott to delay as long as possible any sort of vote on SSM, so the religious and other bigots could try to convince those more gullible members of the populace that the sky would fall if SSM was to happen. However, when the populace realised that Turnbull had made a Faustian bargain with the religious right wing nut jobs (RRWNJs) in his party and that there would be no change toward a decent climate change policy, nor a jettisoning of the plebiscite policy, Turnbull’s popularity, and that of the coalition started to free-fall. Malcolm Turnbull is now less popular than Tony Abbott was when the latter was dumped from the Prime Ministership.

Bernardi’s dummy spit gave some people a slight hope that some other LNC nut jobs might join him, thus increasing the average IQ of the LNC, but alas that hasn’t happened yet. It still could, unless Saint Bernardi makes a dog’s breakfast out of his Australian Conservatives. Given his Q Society fiasco, where he was trawling around for members, it seems like a good bet. So it seems likely that the remaining RRWNJs will hang around, watching Turnbull squirm, until they can replace him with another cypher (Morrison? Potato? Whyne?).

The sad thing is, that it is now clear that Turnbull has no principles, no vision, no desire to bring Australia into the 21st century. The only dream he had was to be Prime Minister, nothing else. Just so he could stare in the mirror and say: ‘Hello, Prime Minister’. I wish we deserved better.












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