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By February 16, 2017Australian Politics

Peter Martin, in a piece for the Fairfax newspapers, asked in the headline “why have our ministers got it in for the unemployed?” The story was about the Monday press conference aimed at pressuring the Senate to cut the dole, despite many agreeing it is too low now. At the press conference were Treasurer Scott Morrison, Minister for Social Services Christian Porter and Minister for Education Simon Birmingham. As Martin stated, these three didn’t argue the merits of their policy, they simply threatened to not fully fund the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) if the Senate didn’t cut the dole. The bizarre thing about this press conference was that they began it arguing for an “unfunded massive company tax cut” of some $50 billion. It would be hard to dream this stuff up as it seems too far-fetched to be even remotely believable.

I am not too familiar with Porter’s or Birmingham’s antics in the public eye, because they keep a relatively low profile. However, Morrison has got to the stage now where he is an automatic candidate for the mute button, when he appears on television. He uses the standard technique of a con-man. He spouts the most egregious nonsense and utters it at a speed such that it sounds like he knows what he is talking about. However, he does not. The stupidity of Morrison, and that of his trained monkey, Joyce, were clearly on display with the ‘lump of coal’ stunt in parliament a few days ago. Just as I asked when it happened, how Morrison could have been so stupid to think the coal stunt was sensible, I am forced to ask the same question again: How could Morrison have been so stupid at this press conference? The reason I ask is because he is effectively saying I want to kick this unemployed bloke and if you do not let me, I’ll kick this disabled woman, and I want to let my donor mate have a kick too. Is that any way to run a parliament? Is that a way to convince people you have a good idea? I don’t think so.

Porter has been found to lie by omission (again by Peter Martin) when he asked the public service to come up with an example. They did so and it was of a single mother with four children aged 13, 10, 7 and 4 who would get about $52,500 p.a. Needless to say, Murdoch’s ‘Australian’ jumped on this and quoted the minister as stating that the woman’s welfare paid more than work. As usual, this story was bullshit, a common occurrence with a Murdoch rag. Most of this $52,500 was a Family Tax Benefit, which would be paid to the parent even if she did work. This means she would be much better off working than not. Although given plenty of opportunity to correct this, Porter didn’t, and was even backed up in his lie by the idiotic Morrison. So, they are both liars.

I have often wondered why regressive conservatives like to kick poor people and those that need help, apart from their being in the thrall of the failed trickle down economics ‘theory’, and in the pocket of their donors. However, I think I have finally worked it out. These people judge others by the yardstick of their own character and they are such a money-grubbing bunch of self-aggrandising, pompous spivs, that they think everyone is like that. So, they think the poor, the elderly, the sick, the infirm and even the disabled, are just mooching around for a handout. People so bereft of character should not be in parliament. A nation should be judged by the way it treats the people who are in need of help. This nation does not fare well in such a judgement under such rancid, vacuous, malignant government.


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