A way out for Russia

By March 1, 2017US Politics

Russia is undoubtedly bothered by the attention being given to its intelligence services and its government, and at the root of it all is the Trump dossier, prepared by Christopher Steele, a former British Intelligence official. Whether this is the cause of some of the deaths of Russian officials in recent months is debatable, but it does make you wonder if the Russian intelligence services are trying desperately to cover their tracks? If this is so, they must be very worried about what will surface in the long run from this enthusiastic prying and digging by the CIA and FBI. This must be alarming for the Russians, especially when it is clear the CIA and FBI will not stop until they find the truth, if that is indeed possible. If there are too many loose ends on the Russian side and they feel they cannot keep a lid on it any more, maybe they will just release everything they have on Trump, as the second best way to deal a blow to US standing in the world.

It is understandable that the White House would scream ‘fake news’ and ‘nothing to see here’ given that the Trump has everything to lose. However, the attitude of the Republicans in Congress is a little harder to discern. Perhaps they are simply taking the heat as long as they can, so they can get most of their legislative agenda through, before they pull the pin on Trump and have him declared incapable, or have him impeached.








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