Attack on democracy?

By March 24, 2017UK Politics

After the horrific events in Westminster in recent days, the British PM, Theresa May, was heard to say that it was an attack trying to “silence our democracy”. And that the attacker “attempted to break into Parliament and was shot dead within 20 yards of the gate”1. I am sure this is a relief to those poor people on Westminster Bridge who were mown down by the attacker’s car, as they walked along the footpath on holiday, on a school trip, or going to pick the kids up from school2.

These religious nutters who attempt to kill people are no more attacking democracy, than the victims on Westminster Bridge were voting on legislation. In most western democracies, the biggest threat to democracy comes from the politicians we elect. They have perverted democracy by their gerrymanders, their doctoring of the voting system, their attempts to disenfranchise voters, their subservience to their campaign donors, and at base by their lies, spin and stupidity. The pomposity of this ‘attack on democracy’ drivel is sickening.

The best way to prevent needless deaths like those in Westminster is to boost the abilities of the intelligence services and to cultivate links with any communities whose members may be radicalised. In the UK currently, that is the Muslim community. It used to be the Catholic community up until 20003. These religious nutters who want to kill innocent people are simply trying to provoke a knee-jerk response like that proposed by the Trump asylum. It is only the halfwits like Trump and far right idiots like Farage in the UK, Wilders in the Netherlands, Le Pen in France, Hanson in Australia, who are stupid enough to fall for it. Their actions are precisely what the terrorists want. Our greatest enemy is us.




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