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By May 18, 2017Australian Politics

According to Cory Bernardi, Liberals are flocking to the Australian Conservatives after it took over the Family First Party. You can often tell when a political party is for religious right wing nut jobs (RRWNJs); it has the word ‘family’ in its name. This is just like when some nations that have the word ‘democratic’ in their name it means they are not democratic. Just like these nations, the Family First Party is not concerned at all with families, apart from making everyone adhere to their concept of what constitutes a family. Their bigotry is important to them and they want everyone to have the same bigotry. They are homophobic, anti-abortion, and hate paid parental leave; the little woman should stay home to raise the kids. They were also very good at telling porkies. Despite the party being formed in 2002 by Dr Andrew Evans, a Pentecostal church pastor, the party denied it was religious at all, despite nearly all of the members having had a conservative christian background1.

Family First have had a less than stellar representation in the senate, with idiotic young-earth creationist Steven Fielding, voting against Australia’s first paid parental leave scheme with the following “Drug addicts and welfare cheats can go out there and get themselves pregnant and then after 20 weeks have an abortion and still pocket the government’s cash”. Despite many other members of parliament attending information sessions to have this sort of stuff explained to them, Fielding refused to attend1, clearly illustrating that he preferred to be willfully ignorant, a common trait among RRWNJs.

Bob Day was another Family First senator2, who earlier this year, was determined by the High Court to have been ineligible to stand for election3. His seat has now gone to the next available person on the Family First senate ticket, Lucy Gichuhi, who has decided not to join Bernardi’s RRWNJs, so will sit as an independent. Although there have been questions raised about whether she has renounced her Kenyan citizenship, the Kenyan High Commissioner has stated that her Australian citizenship ‘cancels out’ her Kenyan citizenship4.

Back to the Conservatives; Bernardi has said that his party has picked up 700 new members since the Morrison budget, with many coming from the Liberal Party. According to Bernardi, this is due to their disaffection with the budget5. This budget was presumably too modern for them; the gall of Morrison taxing the banks and increasing the Medicare Levy to fund the National Disability Insurance Scheme! How dare he! The rich should not be made to pay any more tax than they currently avoid.

If it is indeed the case that Liberals are ‘flocking’ to the Conservatives, it is probably a good thing, as it indicates that the influence of the RRWNJs in the Liberal Party is in terminal decline. Hopefully, Bernardi will scoop up more of the has-beens of the Abbott nightmare, such as Abbott himself, and perhaps Abetz and Andrews, thereby significantly increasing the average IQ of the Liberal Party.


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