Dinesh is a ball of hydrogen

By October 7, 2017US Politics

Although it is not really necessary to demonstrate how stupid those on the right can be, as it is patently obvious, it is worth doing so occasionally to demonstrate how desperate and tortured is their use of what they consider to be ‘logic’.

The latest source of hilarity is ultraconservative christian apologist and convicted criminal1, Dinesh D’Souza who has tweeted:

‘The term Nazi is a compression of the terms “ National” and “Socialist” (Sozialismus)–hence all Nazis are by definition on the Left’2

As Taylor Link (in Salon.com) has pointed out, the term Nazi was used in Germany long before Hitler’s party rose to power. It was used as a derogatory term for a country bumpkin. It was only later that it became used for Hitler’s party, again as a derogatory term for their obscene ideology2. D’Souza attempted to use his ludicrous attempt at logic to blame the American left for the racism and other bigotry that exists in the US today2. This is so far from the truth, it beggars belief that any but the most gullible knuckledraggers could consider it anywhere near reality. But those are the people that presumably buy his talking books (they don’t actually read, do they?).

As several people pointed out to D’Souza, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) is not democratic, and Buffalo wings do not come from Bison bison (North American Bison) or even from Bubalis bubalis (Water Buffalo). If etymology is so important to D’Souza, it is worth studying the etymology of the name Dinesh. It is a common Hindu male name and comes from the Sanskrit ‘dinesa’, which is a combination of the words dina (day) and isa (lord) and is an epithet for the Sun. Using D’Souza’s logic, that would make him a large ball of Hydrogen slowly undergoing fusion to Helium. I suspect this may not be true. Perhaps he is just a gasbag.


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