‘No’ campaign thumped by irony

By October 23, 2017Australian Politics, Society

The ‘no’ campaign, in their extreme and dishonest efforts to prevent same-sex marriage, have had a couple of advertisements on the television, none of which have much to say about same-sex marriage at all. That is mostly because there are no valid arguments against it1.

The latest advertisement developed for television has now been deemed to be too ‘rude’ for general viewing, although whether this is true or not is uncertain. Googling it comes up with a first page comprising only the Australian ‘newspaper’, so it is possible the story is false. However, if it is true, it is hilarious. I cannot check this against the article itself because I refuse to subscribe to such a rag. The hilarity is because of the prurient obsession of the religious with sex. It has so infused our society that an advertisement developed by the religious has ironically fallen foul of the standards that they have insisted we adopt.

The ‘no’ campaign has always maintained that children are harmed by growing up in families in which both parents are of the same-sex. There is no evidence to support this assertion2. Recently, there has been a review of 30 years of studies in the scientific literature which has also shown that there no evidence of harm caused by having parents of the same sex; the thing which places these children most at risk is homophobia3. So, the harm likely to affect children of same-sex couples is ironically caused by the attitudes of those saying that children are being harmed in families in which both parents are of the same sex.

Irony is a wonderful thing.


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