Plan B for religious nutters

By November 8, 2017Australian Politics, Society

As I related back in January1, the ‘idea’ of a plebiscite to determine if the people wanted same-sex marriage, was only ever a delaying tactic put up by the religious right wing nut jobs (RRWNJs) in the Coalition. It was simply designed to allow them to rally their troops, and to develop their lies and obfuscations, which have been numerous2,3,4,5.

When the plebiscite tactic was knocked over in the senate, there was a chance that the government could actually deign to do its job and have a free vote in parliament. However, those RRWNJs which control the coalition, despite Turnbull’s presumed moderate stance, would not have a bar of a free vote, because they knew the numbers were against them. So, they came up with the ‘idea’ of a voluntary postal opinion poll. This was despite the fact that numerous opinion polls had already shown the Australian population were in favour of legalising same-sex marriage, and that the proportion of those in favour of it had been increasing in recent years. Again this ‘opinion survey’ was simply a way of delaying or preventing the legalising of same-sex marriage.

Despite contrary opinions expressed by some pundits, it seems likely that this survey will produce a ‘yes’ majority. This will, of course be unacceptable to the RRWNJs in the Coalition, despite their bogus assertion that on such an important matter, the people should be consulted. If a ‘yes’ majority is the result, then the RRWNJs will have to come up with other delaying tactics, a Plan B, if you like. This has already started, with Eric Abetz, the minister for the 19th Century, stating that the Private Member’s Bill drafted by Dean Smith and others, will not be acceptable, even as a starting point. Abetz and some of the RRWNJs in the Coalition are attempting to draft their own legislation which will allow them to continue to discriminate in every facet of life. Indeed, there is some suspicion that they will try to roll back some of the current anti-discrimination laws6.

Conservative religious nutters like Abetz are not interested in what the majority of people want, nor the rights of people they do not like. They are not interested in commandments like ‘not bearing false witness’, nor the golden rule ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you’. They are simply bigots and know what is best, and it is their peculiar form of bigotry they want to inflict on everyone.




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