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By November 21, 2017US Politics

Numerous celebrities have been pinged for all sorts of sexual misdemeanours and crimes and have rightly been ostracised and pilloried for them, if not yet charged. However, one of them remains in line to be voted into the Senate from Alabama. Judge Roy Moore, has been accused by several women of sexual misconduct; specifically, of having sexual relations with mid-teenage girls (14-16) when he was in his 30s1. That is illegal, as these girls were under the legal age of consent.

Initially, the Republicans supported Moore, despite screaming blue murder when donors to the Democratic Party (e.g. Harvey Weinstein), were similarly accused. That difference in attitude is mostly because the Republicans needed a solid Republican vote in the Senate to pass their tax legislation, and Roy Moore would provide that vote. This tax legislation is so slanted towards the wealthy, that 48% of the tax cuts will go to the wealthiest 1% of the population2, including the Trump family, and many of the members of Congress.

This demonstrates the priorities of the Republican Party. Their bank balances and those of their wealthiest donors come first, while women and girls come a very distant last. This is symptomatic of the corrosive effect of large political donations. Political parties have become mouthpieces and legislators for their wealthy donors, to the extent that the rest of the population are of little consequence. That is not a democracy.


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