A progressive wish list

By December 2, 2017Australian Politics, Society

As we head towards the third decade of the 21st century, the old suited right-wing nut jobs are still railing against any small advance in society, any small decrease in bigotry, or any small decrease in inequality. They long for a simpler time1. However, those days are long gone, and fortunately, we live in a very different world to their ‘good old days’, which never really existed as they perceive them. However, we still have some way to go. I would have loved to have called this a manifesto, but that implies some sort of programme, which is lacking from this list. It is, however, a description of where I think we should aim to get to.

I long for a country in which everyone will have the same human rights, irrespective of their colour, religion, sexuality and gender; where women are in parliament and boardrooms commensurate with their proportion in the population; where any man or woman is safe on the street at any time; in which violence against women is non-existent; where the perpetrators of sexual or any other sort of harassment are called out immediately and appropriately punished; in which bullying is called out immediately and appropriately punished; in which violence is simply not acceptable and is perceived to be solely the preserve of the insipid and incompetent, and is appropriately punished; where the emphasis in the economy swings back from capital to labour; in which looking after the environment is the prime concern of any business; in which the first inhabitants of this continent are recognised in the constitution, and party to a treaty; in which the activists and environmentalists are in parliament; in which its inhabitants can live sustainably in perpetuity; in which education is looked upon as an investment, not a cost; in which research is valued as an investment in the future, not regarded as a cost; in which the people no longer see the nation only as a farm or a quarry; in which there are no homeless people; in which everyone gets the health care they need, not what they can afford; in which drug addiction is treated as a health issue, not as a crime; in which politicians cannot accept bribes from corporations or very wealthy individuals; in which a politician knows that if they use the dog-whistle, they will be pilloried for it; in which the phrase ‘career politician’ is an oxymoron; in which all people have an understanding of our democracy and their part in it; in which women are paid the same as men; in which those on benefits are not looked upon as scum by politicians; in which the rule of law applies to everyone, and nobody is protected by their church, their business, their political party or their wealth; which deals with other nations morally; in which its media actually report the news and are not beholden to foreign owners or a political party; in which media owners are held accountable for their behaviour; in which everybody, be it individuals, corporations or churches, pays their fair share of taxes; in which asylum-seekers are treated humanely and with dignity. I long for a country with an Australian head of state and one of which I can be proud, and which is the envy of the world.


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  • Wendy McLeod says:

    Wow! What a great wish list, Blot! For once we are in total agreement!
    Seasons Greetings

    • admin says:


      Top of the head stuff over a day or so. I am sure there is stuff I could add; and will do when I think of them. Best of the season to you too.

  • Dianna says:

    It is not just the be-suited RWNJ’s we need to be wary of, there are some very bigoted people who claim to be progressive – they are of the “some are more equal than others” school of thought and hate the thought of losing – arrogance is both right and left.

    • admin says:


      I’ve never actually met anyone like that on my side of the political fence, but I haven’t met that many, so that is hardly a sample of statistical significance.

      • Dianna says:

        Then consider yourself fortunate if you have not encountered any of the homophobia, racism or sexism that exists within any political persuasion. If only all the hatred was only on the extreme right – would make voting much easier… 🙂

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