The Carlingford coterie of fruitcakes

The Carlingford branch of the Liberal Party has previously called for the cessation of all immigration and the cessation of all refugee intakes. It labelled migrants as ‘criminals’ and ‘bastards’, although how it determined the  degree of criminality of migrants or the marital status of their parents is unclear. One of their documents also suggested that migrants may be terrorists and criminals who forge documents1. Now the same branch of the Liberal Party is going to debate a motion to “straighten out the law and order system” by handing sentencing powers to a panel of 20 members of the public. The punishment being discussed was to be Sharia-style caning or flogging.

The president of the Carlingford branch is one George Popovski, who is described as ‘colourful’ in several publications. He has suggested that for stealing a T-shirt, a perpetrator should get 10 lashes; 1,000 lashes for stealing a car; 5,000 for punching a police officer; and 20,000 lashes for murder. He also stated that the floggings should be delivered at 10 lashes per hour, every hour from 9am to 5pm, with one hour off for lunch2, and presumably medical treatment. 20,000 lashes for murder at 10 lashes every hour takes 2,000 hours. That, at 7 hours a day (8 hours minus an hour for lunch!), would last about 286 days.

It is impossible for me to even begin to understand the thought processes involved in an attempt to take Australia back several centuries, to join Saudi-Arabia in flogging people for sometimes petty crimes3. It makes me wonder how long before these nutters suggest amputation of a hand for theft. This motion of Popovski’s is so bizarre, it is beyond satire.

This ridiculous suggestion is just another indication of the incipient demise of the Liberal Party. It is being taken over by religious nutters, with not only a little branch like Carlingford going under, but also the entire Victorian branch being subsumed by them4. I had originally thought that Cory Bernardi would vacuum up the religious nutters from the Liberal Party, especially when he took over the Family First Party. Indeed, at the time, Bernardi said that Liberals were flocking to his Conservatives, and I made the mistake of taking him at his word (silly me!)5. In fact, after his party’s poor showing in the South Australian State election6, it seems the religious nutters have decided to stay in the Liberal Party, stack branches, and take that party over instead. You have to laugh, both at Cory Bernardi and the Liberal Party he deserted.





  • jon says:

    Popovski missed the obvious one – 10,000 lashes for continued public stupidity. The upside is that the unemployment rate might fall because we’d need scores of full-time official flagellators – including one dedicated to doling out punishment to many members of today’s political parties.

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