[Across Australia] 30 MPs have been elected to represent One Nation. Six are current members. Nineteen resigned in their first term, two were disqualified in their first term, only three lasted long enough to face re-election, two were defeated and only one One Nation MP has ever been re-elected.

Antony Green



  • Arthur Baker says:

    Ah, I see you read Red Bandanna Man’s column in the Sydney Morning Herald today. What a total shambles Pauline’s apology for a “party” is. What a ragbag ragtag conflation of raggedy-arsed ratbags they are. And the woman “in charge” (LOL) has precisely zero Human Resources skills in “selecting” candidates. She seems to pick erratic bums up randomly off the street, apply the sole criterion “are they breathing?” (it’s sometimes hard to tell, except that they usually have their mouths open, so one has to assume they’re mouth-breathers), then when they inevitably fall by the wayside she publicly cracks up and claims victimhood, and it never occurs to her that the pattern of failure might be systematic, and that the common feature in all aspects of that failure might just be her utter inability to choose intelligent reliable candidates who won’t cast off at a tangent and run off barking like a dog at the local fair. It’s all great entertainment anyway.

    • admin says:

      Yes. Rather than chase up all the One Notion nutters myself, I thought that the quote from Antony Green would suffice. The statistics say much about the monumental incompetence to which you allude. I love the alliteration!

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