Eurydice Dixon and pretend men

Young comedian Eurydice Dixon was raped and murdered by a 19-year-old male in a Carlton North park as she was walking home from a gig in Melbourne on June 13th. The alleged murderer has been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and has been remanded to appear in court in October1.

After Ms Dixon’s death, a makeshift ‘memorial’ of flowers and other material formed in the park. Some time after the development of this ‘memorial’ someone painted “lewd graffiti” on the soccer pitch near where Ms Dixon’s body was found. The person who did this was one Andrew Nolch who has stated that it was not a “personal attack” against Ms Dixon but was “purely an attack on feminism, on mainstream media for hijacking a vaccine-causing issue and turning it into a men are bad, women’s rights issue”2.

While the idiotic statement that vaccines cause autism has been shown to be complete and utter rubbish. I won’t deal with that here, as it is dealt with elsewhere3.

To attempt to work out how Mr Nolch thinks, it is instructive to see some of his Facebook posts. Here is one posted on June 19, 2018 (it is verbatim)

“Its interesting how the media and some radio host said the vandals of the Eurydice Dixon Memorial are the “lowest of the lows” when well clearly they are not, the murderer is the lowest of the lows but hey they are not going to say that because hes austistic and clearly they want to blame this whole tradgedy not on killer nutter but on males. The prime minister and all of the mainstream media kept saying “men you need to do better”. What an outrage, how dare they blame males for this when its so obvious that normal males dont do this.

The mainstream media is running a brainwashing program which is designed to make everyone think that males are bad. Any event that comes along they twist the reporting so that average males are made to feel bad as if they did it. But heres the big question, why?

Well because men are the protectors of a society, they are the leaders, they are the soldiers, thats their job in tribes, families etc. If you take them out then you can easily enslave, capture or do whatever you want to a society. Women can be fantastic leaders too but naturally they fit the caring, nuturing, child making role. Putting them into positions of power all across society will weaken our society. Its like putting black people as swimming teachers instead of playing basketball, clearly the level of swimming and basketball skills across society will go down as they are naturally talented at bball.

Our entire society is being taken over is what Im saying. Either its the New World Order or the communist Chinese(most likely Australia clearly has become asian) or them working together to get all they can from this country. This isnt an attack on Chinese or women who want to be leaders, but it is on the Communists!”4

From this garbled post, in the first paragraph, he seems to think that people are blaming males as a group for the death of Eurydice Dixon, which is just silly. In stating that normal males don’t do this type of thing, he is stating the bleeding obvious. I don’t seem to feel that anybody is blaming me for Ms Dixon’s death, so I do not see why Mr Nolch would. However, his second paragraph is simply weird. Admittedly, the mainstream media is in part indulging in brainwashing, but only to the extent that the current government is vaguely competent, not to the extent that all males are bad. The third paragraph is where his true meaning emerges from the misspelled, mispunctuated miasma of drivel: Women should know their place. It is no wonder that he is so upset at feminism; an ‘ism’ that is only about equal opportunity and equal treatment in all parts of a society. Males who feel threatened by the equality demanded by feminism are only threatened because they know they are not up to par, are afraid of making a fool of themselves in front of women, or are afraid of women laughing at their incompetence.

This brings me to self-confessed ‘alpha male’ (chortle!) David Leyonhjelm who, recently, told tweedle-dumb and tweedle-dumber (Rowan Dean and Ross Cameron), on the ludicrously misnamed Sky ‘News’ that Senator Sarah Hanson-Young is “known for liking men” and that “rumours about her in parliament are well known”5. Leyonhjelm insulted Hanson-Young during a Senate debate about women and violence. During a division on a motion about allowing women to arm themselves with tasers to combat violence, Leyonhjelm told Hanson-Young to “stop shagging men”. Hanson-Young then asked him whether she had heard him correctly. He confirmed that he had said ‘you should stop shagging men, Sarah’;” Hanson-Young said: “Shocked, I told him he was a creep. His reply was to tell me to ‘f*** off’.”Leyonhjelm’s offensive remarks were in response to his interpretation of Hanson-Young’s comments about ‘men raping women’ as being that “all men are rapists”7. Again, I didn’t take offence to this, as I did not take this to mean that I was a rapist. Why are these blokes’ egos so fragile? Why do they feel so threatened? Is it because deep down, they know they want control over women, and women won’t stand for it any longer? These poor little boys don’t seem to have grown up beyond the fear they had in kindergarten when they were afraid of getting ‘girl germs’. Calling them adults, let alone ‘alpha males’, may be grossly overstating the case.




  • Jon says:

    These two offensive, dimwitted look-at-mes are atypical of “average” men but they are good exemplars of why men need to to be more active in calling out anti-social behaviour. Leyonhjelm is an egoist struggling for attention and relevance and while not smart enough to have concocted the offence to benefit his re-election he’s now enjoying the exposure it provides, knowing that his supporters will be lapping it up. The longer it goes the more votes he’ll receive – probably from those who would normally vote One Nation. He’s in the Senate courtesy of Malcolm Turnbull and his fake double dissolution. Leyonhjelm got 5406 first preference votes out of around 4.4 miliion cast from memory, but was pushed over the line on One Nation preferences in the half-quota election. He and Burston will face the music in a full quota 2019 election and one or both will be ejected, which will be a positive step for the nation – and the sanity of normal people. God help future generations if their genes have been passed on.

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