The Abbott Crusade

By August 23, 2018Australian Politics, Society

The end of Malcolm Turnbull’s leadership of the parliamentary Liberal Party is, as Concetta Fierravanti-Wells would have you believe, because Turnbull has moved too far to the left. In her resignation letter, she stated that the Liberals were “losing our conservative base”1. However, not only is this statement of a ‘move to the left’ laughable for a hard-right controlled government (despite Turnbull being a moderate) who want to distribute largesse to big business, won’t do anything about climate change, and keep asylum-seekers in concentration camps, it is only part of the story. Apart from Fierravanti-Wells, looking at a few of the other early mutineers, such as Michael Sukkar, James McGrath, Angus Taylor, Eric Abetz and Zed Seselja1, the one thing you will notice is that there is a significant commonality with the Monkey Pod boys, a religious rump of the Liberal Party who used to meet in the room of that name, with Tony Abbott, after the latter was given the boot by the parliamentary party. It was the Monkey Pod group who formed the nucleus of the Monash Forum to deny climate change, and to go full Soviet in supporting the building of coal-fired power stations2.

The fact that Fierravanti-Wells also mentioned same-sex marriage in her letter of resignation is instructive. This mutiny is less about policy and more about religion and its decreasing importance in modern Australia. The religious, and I mean that in the sense of the Christian bigots; those people who have jettisoned any pretence of ‘loving they neighbour’ or ‘not bearing false witness’, hate the thought of their influence declining. They have been addicted to telling people how to live and die for millennia, and now that they are taken less seriously than ever before, they do not like it. As a consequence, in an effort to shore up their relevance, they have become a nasty, bigoted, vindictive power bloc. They are apparently in the process of taking over the Victorian branch of the Liberal Party4, and have taken over the Carlingford branch in Sydney5. Now, they are attempting to take over the Federal parliamentary party. If they do, and their Trojan horse Peter Dutton, or even a religious nutter like Scott Morrison, becomes Prime Minister, we will be entering a very dark period in Australia’s history, especially if the Coalition win the election. The religious right’s totalitarian proclivities have been there for all to see.

In the lead up to the next election, the Coalition will receive an enormous amount of support from the Murdoch media interests. In the attempt to help the government win this election, the race-baiting in the Murdoch media will reach a maximum possible pitch. In reality, I don’t think the Liberal Party can win the next election, because their raison d’être, trickle-down economics has been shown to be a failure, because the Australian populace is becoming less religious, with 30% of the population now professing to have no religious affiliation6, and because Australian society is becoming more progressive.

One should always remember that Rupert Murdoch was made a ‘papal knight’, a Knight Commander of St Gregory, by the conservative Pope John Paul II, in 19987, so it is unsurprising that, as an apparent religious nutter, and owner of a non-tax-paying big business, he is behind the far-right of the Liberal Party.

While readers may point out that not all the Liberals who have resigned are of the religious nutter end of the spectrum, politicians are always on the lookout for their own best interests, and if they thought following any sort of fruitcake was in their best interests, they would do so, especially if it would garner them a ministerial post. The reader would also be wondering why I have entitled this ‘The Abbott Crusade’ and that is because ever since Abbott lost the Prime Ministership, his only reason for existence is to destroy Malcolm Turnbull. Narcissists are like that8.

The takeover by the religious right of the Liberal Party will ensure its demise, and that will be in the best interests of the nation. As Katharine Murphy said on ABC News “they are fighting over the spoils of defeat… they are stuffed”. I can only hope that it is so.



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