Plus ça change…

By August 24, 2018Australian Politics, Society

Now Scott Morrison and Josh Frydenberg have been elected by the parliamentary Liberal Party to be leader and deputy leader. Therefore, Scott Morrison will be the new Prime Minister. This changes nothing. These two have been ‘loyal’ to Turnbull, as much as you could ever call a politician loyal to anything but their own self-interest. So, the head sniper and underminer, Tony Abbott, didn’t get his preferred candidate, Peter Dutton, into the Lodge. When Abbott came out of the party room after the leadership spill, he was not a happy little vegemite, and brushed off the question of whether he would congratulate Scott Morrison.

Alice Workman (Buzzfeed) posted in a tweet, presumably from an SMS sent to her “It’s not over, fight continues, #$%& Scott”. This seems to indicate that nothing much has changed to the attitude to the insurgency either. So, it seems that Amanda Vanstone’s assertion that Morrison will be a healing candidate, is just as ridiculous as many of her previous utterances1,2.

Morrison is one of those people who, like Turnbull has little in the way of principles that cannot be jettisoned, as is clear from a comparison between his maiden speech and his subsequent actions3. Presumably this will continue. Like Turnbull, he will still be beholden to the fruitcakes on the right, who will still be constantly sniping and threatening to cross the floor on anything that seems to be dealing with climate change in any sensible way4, or when there is even a suggestion that there may be a pause in shovelling taxpayers’ funds to political donors.

Those undermining Turnbull and who will probably undermine Morrison, are not just vindictive narcissists as Abbott has been characterised. They are also in many cases, religious nutters, and it was they who tried to take over the parliamentary Liberal Party, in much the same way as they are taking over the Liberal Party in Victoria5, and some branches in Sydney6. Not only are these nutters fiscal ultraconservatives, they are also social ultraconservatives.

This is their last gasp. The reason I say this, is because fiscal ultraconservatives have been acolytes of the trickle-down economic model imported from Thatcher’s Britain and Reagan’s America7 into the other parts of the anglophone world. This has been a complete failure for all but the wealthiest people and corporations; it has led to a widening of both the wealth and income gaps in all three nations. It is now being seen for what it is, a large con perpetrated on the populace by the wealthy and their Friedmanite accomplices, and is being ‘rethought’ all around the anglophone world; here in Australia by the federal opposition. The other reason is because these religious nutters are seeing their influence decrease rapidly. They used to be able to pontificate about homosexuality, abortion, voluntary euthanasia and equality, and people would take them seriously. No more. The reality that the same-sex marriage plebiscite result exhibited to these conservatives8, was that Australian society is changing. It is becoming more progressive and much less religious, with those having no religious affiliation now outnumbering any single religious group, and still increasing. This is apparently even more pronounced among the young. The religious nutters do not like the prospect of their influence waning, and they will attempt to do anything to prevent this. It is like asking them to give up an addiction. This will not stop until these religious nutters are voted out of parliament.



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