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By October 14, 2018Australian Politics

I have related some details of Stuart Robert’s history of dodgy behaviour previously, including his massive internet charges, which he told Fairfax Media was because he used 300Gb of data, far exceeding his 50Gb limit for his 4G connection1. However, there are numerous examples of plans for 4G home internet connections. They seem to be mostly about $2-$3 a day for 200Gb-250Gb, much less than Robert’s average ~$60 a day.

Assistant Treasurer Stuart Robert has now paid back nearly $38,000 to cover his unusually high internet bills. These bills ran to as much as $2,800, but averaged about $1,850 per month, for internet access at his home on the Gold Coast. Initially, he had blamed “connectivity issues” because he was located “a significant distance from the telephone exchange resulting in poor broadband internet connectivity … At the time a 4G home Wifi internet connection was the only way to receive reliable and stable internet access”1. This does not seem to make sense.

There seem to be only three explanations for Robert’s enormous internet bill, and they are:

  • He was being gouged by his internet provider, and as the taxpayer was paying for it, it is us who are being gouged. We need to know the name of his ISP.
  • He has an interest in his internet provider and it was simply gouging the taxpayer, and Robert was benefiting from that gouging. We need to know the name of his ISP.
  • He was being charged such an amount because he is running a business from home. We need to know the name of his ISP.

Which one is it? Robert and his wife are involved in a religious organisation that produces streaming videos and subscription TV channel. Could it be that was the cause of the 250Gb data excess?


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  • Jon says:

    Totally agree we need to know the details of who was involved and what if any relationship existed with Robert and/or the Liberal Party, especially in light of the recent NSW printing fiasco reported by Fairfax. I wrote the same thing in a comment to SMH but they wouldn’t post it, nor have any of their reports that I’ve seen mentioned the obvious potential for corruption. The bloke/topic appears to be untouchable. Clearly Robert is an incompetent fool who has little if any respect for taxpayer money. I’m surprised the ALP hasn’t asked the Federal Police to investigate. Shorten has promised a federal ICAC if elected. Can’t come soon enough, but the question is why haven’t Labor gone hard on this?

    Another aspect which needs to be fixed is the public service’s role in monitoring and reporting. The limited investigation suggested Robert wasn’t following guidelines on entitlements. That being the case why wasn’t he and his boss informed?

    • admin says:

      Robert, as assistant treasurer, was unaware of the difference between debt an deficit, when asked about it. So, incompetent is an understatement. I also think he is rotten to the core. Just another spiv.

  • Maurice says:

    “Robert and his wife are involved in a religious organisation that produces streaming videos and subscription TV channel.”
    We need to know WHAT was being transmitted, that chewed up all that data.
    If it’s his church business, it is just that: business, and it’s time to come down hard on politicians who use our money to run their private businesses.

    Wasn’t there a recent case whereby a female politician flew to the Gold Coast on our tab, did some minor official business for 5 minutes then spent the rest of the time arranging purchase of real estate?

    If it’s OK for Bronwyn Bishop to lose her position over Coptergate, it’s OK for Robert to fall on his sword over Datagate.

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