Coalition disgrace

By October 15, 2018Australian Politics, Society

Today, in the Senate, the vacant, idiotic Pauline Hanson of One Nation put forward a motion in two parts. It was, to ask the senate to acknowledge:

  • The deplorable rise of anti-white racism and attacks on Western civilisation
  • That it is OK to be white

The vote was defeated 31 to 28. The fact that there could actually be 28 senators who would be stupid enough to vote for such egregious white supremacist nonsense is staggering.

If the halfwits who voted for it had a modicum of intelligence, they could simply have googled the phrase, and would have found that it has been spread by neo-Nazis and white-supremacists including the KKK and the Daily Stormer2. Posters containing that phrase were designed to engender such a reaction from the general populace that it would help recruit members to these organisations.

Those who voted for it include Abetz, Anning, Bernardi, Birmingham, Brockman, Bushby, Canavan, Cash, Colbeck, Duniam, Fierravanti-Wells, Fifield, Georgiou, Gichuhi, Hanson, Hume, Leyonhjelm, McGrath, McKenzie, Molan, O’Sullivan, Reynolds, Ruston, Scullion, Seselja, Smith, Stoker and Williams. The government leader in the senate, Cormann, Foreign Affairs Minister, Marise Payne and five other coalition senators were ‘paired’ with opposition senators, so did not vote3. Had they been there it is assumed that, because they are part of the Coalition, they would have voted for the motion. Extraordinarily, among these who voted for the motion, Senator Gichuhi is of black African descent, and Senator Scullion is the Minister for Indigenous Affairs. One wonders what, if anything, went through their minds as they voted for it.

The motion was opposed by the Labor and Greens parties, and crossbench senators Derryn Hinch, Tim Storer, Stirling Griff and Rex Patrick1.

As Derryn Hinch said of Hanson and Anning, who defected from her party as soon as he entered the senate; they are involved in “a race to see who can be the biggest, the loudest, racist bigot in their contest to see who can get to the bottom of the sewer first”1.

One wonders: firstly, if the Coalition would have voted for this disgraceful motion if Turnbull had still been prime minister, rather than the accident-prone Scott Morrison; secondly, how this neo-Nazi drivel will go over in the Wentworth by-election, given that there is a substantial Jewish community in the electorate; thirdly, how this will go over among those whose parents’ generation fought and died fighting the murderous white supremacism of the Nazis. I am of this latter group, and I find such an action by the Coalition and the other conservative halfwits in the senate, is completely unforgiveable. They are a skid-mark on Australia’s body politic.




  • Maurice says:

    The notion that there has been a “… deplorable rise of anti-white racism and attacks on Western civilisation” goes hand-in-hand with the bleating we often hear that “there is a war on christianity and attacks on religious freedom.”

    We often hear these latter claims when measures are taken to prohibit discrimination or when education authorities exclude biblical fables from science or history classes.
    I didn’t see any religious freedom when their silly stories were pushed into my ears at a state school in the 1960’s. We had to recite “the lord’s prayer” every morning.
    Thankfully, my grand-daughters will be protected from such indoctrination by “wicked, socialist, anti-christian” government policy.

    It astounds me that these whingers can never see the irony of their claims in light of the history of many Aboriginal communities being turned away from their traditional beliefs and into the false promises of christianity. So much for their religious freedom.

    Maybe I’ve strayed off topic, but I’ve noticed that the concepts of white supremacy and christian dominion seem to be linked.
    Missionaries to this day, preach their delusions in far-flung parts of the world, buoyed by their feelings of intellectual supremacy, and enabled by western society’s cash.

    • admin says:

      Irony is not in their lexicon. This religious freedom nonsense is all about discrimination. As I say elsewhere: the religious are fearful that, when they lose all their power, they will be treated as they treated others when their power was unassailable.

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