How Murdoch ‘ruperters’ operate 9

By October 19, 2018Australian Politics, Media

In a desperate attempt to get Liberal candidate in the Wentworth by-election, Dave Sharma, over the line, Murdoch ‘ruperters’ Brad Norington and Andrew Clennell, have written a piece in The Australian which is headlined ‘Phelps open to tearing down the government”1. In this, they tried to say that independent candidate Dr Kerryn Phelps has left open the prospect of voting for a motion of no confidence if she wins the by-election. One suspects that all independents would reserve this right, and Phelps, in all honesty stated in another Murdoch outlet, Sky News, that she could not rule this out, and she rightly dismissed the suggestion that she could “create a fair bit of chaos” by stating accurately: “We have chaos now… The government has gone from confusion to chaos.”1

It is funny that these ‘ruperters’ never lay the blame on this chaotic government which has torpedoed Turnbull for no apparent reason; which has backflipped over Ruddock’s ‘religious freedom’ report2; which has used the dogwhistle at every opportunity3; which has lied about climate change4; which has lied about abortion rights5; which has been caught numerous times with snouts in the taxpayer-funded trough6,7; which has ministers incapable of dealing with simple questions8; and which voted for a white supremacist slogan in the Senate9. In the eyes of a ‘ruperter’, such idiocy must be overlooked in the drive to keep Murdoch’s dream of a corporatocracy, aided and abetted by a client Liberal Party.




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