The prejudice of Craig Laundy

By October 21, 2018Australian Politics, Society

Liberal member of parliament Craig Laundy tweeted the following on the morning of the Wentworth by-election:

“Bloke pulls up at a polling booth in a black BMW X5, gets out & and [sic] puts up a @GetUp sign ….. #onlyinwentworth #wnetworthvotes #auspol”1

This betrays a certain expectation by Laundy that people who drive very expensive vehicles should, by their very nature, vote Liberal. He also seems to believe that their membership of a community organisation such as GetUp is inexplicable, as indicated by his ‘onlyinwentworth’ hashtag.

I opined that he might think that all rich people are arseholes; because the only rich people he meets are members of the Liberal Party, and those rich people are all arseholes. Even though Craig Laundy is a Liberal moderate and seems to have at least an incipient conscience, his tweet says much about the mind-set of a Liberal Party member. It is as if he is surprised that someone who has been provided for by the Coalition government, at the expense of those further down the income scale, or those on welfare, could be such an ingrate as to not be thankful for the largesse heaped on them. Laundy seems not to understand that some people do have a fully formed conscience, and cannot bear the thought of the mental torture meted out to young children and others on Nauru and Manus, nor can they bear the thought that their children may inherit a world which is vastly degraded just because politicians like him from the Liberal Party need to keep their donations up.



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