Religious apologists complain bitterly that atheists and secularists are aggressive and hostile in their criticism of them. I always say: look, when you guys were in charge, you didn’t argue with us, you just burnt us at the stake. Now what we’re doing is, we’re presenting you with some arguments and some challenging questions, and you complain.

A. C. Grayling



  • Dianna says:

    Am a big admirer of A C Grayling, a true gentle man.

    A brief chat by AC Grayling when he attended the Festival of Dangerous Ideas in Sydney 2015

  • Arthur Baker says:

    On the topic of “aggressive atheism”, here’s the text of a letter I recently submitted to the Sydney Morning Herald. (It wasn’t published).

    “Geoff Hinds (Letters, October 12) says the claim that “homosexuals are born that way” is “aggressive atheism”. In May 2018, allegedly, someone famous told a gay Chilean man “God made you this way and loves you this way”. I’d always thought of Pope Francis as God’s Head Honcho rather than an aggressive atheist, but I’m happy to bow to your superior knowledge, Geoff.”

    • Dianna says:


      Shame your comment not published.

      The dogmatic predictably barks at facts, evidence and the bleeding obvious.

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