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By November 29, 2018Australian Politics, Media

While I do not watch Sky News Australia because I am liable to throw something at the television, and televisions are expensive, I do occasionally hear via Twitter or Facebook about some of the laughable content which they broadcast. This one beggars belief.

Peta Credlin, Tony Abbott’s chief of staff when he was Prime Minister, is now a political commentator, and has a talk show in which she editorialises as well as interviews people, often several at a time. It is a bit like the ABC show, the Drum, but for stupid people. After the resignation of Julia Banks from the Liberal Party and her move to the crossbench1, Credlin editorialised that Banks should resign from parliament entirely, not just from the Liberal Party, and should not sit on the crossbench. One of the talking heads she had on her show a little later was Senator Cory Bernardi. He was re-elected to a South Australian senate seat at the 2016 election as a Liberal, and early the next year resigned from the Liberal Party to sit on the crossbench, forming his own party, the Australian Conservatives, in the meantime2. Strangely, there was no mention of the Banks solution applying to him. But then; he is a bloke.

It is difficult to understand how these ultraconservatives could be so lacking in awareness, so incapable of understanding what they, themselves say. Do they have such utter contempt for their audience that they will simply spout drivel to fill up the time available, or are they simply stupid and believe it themselves?





  • Greg says:

    “or are they simply stupid and believe it themselves?”
    This is not the problem, there are far to many apathetic Australians that believe the dribble on sky news, they can’t or won’t joint the dots that would show them the hipocracy that is practiced by our governments .

    Off topic
    Morrison called out the Islamic community for either not knowing or not acting on the burke street terrorist. (Who hadn’t attended a Mosque in years ) He claimed in his church the pastor or pastors wife would have know !
    Weeks later Morrison is blind sided by Julia Banks moving to the cross bench.
    Moral of the story, Muslims should magically know every thing, evangelist prime ministers need know nothing …. Rant over

    • admin says:


      Morrison would them make a crap pastor, as well as PM. Their hypocrisy is mind-blowing. I’ve been watching politics for decades and this is by some distance the most corrupt, incompetent government I have ever seen!

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