As anyone reading this blog would have guessed, I read a lot of stuff about politics. Mostly I read it to form the basis of the thesis I am trying to put across in my ‘essays’ (aka ‘rants’), and simply extract the facts relevant to that thesis. Occasionally, however, I bump into articles that are written in greater depth or with greater style, or both, than I could ever do. Here are a few of them.


An analysis of the history and drivers of Scott Morrison.


An explanation of the problem the Liberal Party has with women. This beggars belief.


How climate change will make parts of the world, now home to millions, uninhabitable.


The depravity of climate-change denial is the title of this piece and says it all, really. Climate change deniers are a disgrace to the human race and unconcerned about its future.


You will often hear climate change deniers saying that climate scientists are in it for the money; they don’t agree on the science; it is part of the natural cycle; one cold day means it isn’t happening; or climate change won’t affect us. These assertions are all equine ordure. The real story can be found here:


The descent of the Liberal Party into a tribalism where no dissent or perceived slight is tolerated is explained here:


An exposition of the hypocrisy of white evangelicals in the US; how they relentlessly hounded the scandal-free Obama, and have accepted the depraved Trump without question. It seems to be solely about skin pigmentation.


If you get a chance, read these. They are worth it.

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