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By December 6, 2018Australian Politics, Society

Queensland LNP senator Amanda Stoker has appeared on Sky News’ Outsiders program which is a program for the gullible and terminally idiotic, as it is hosted by Rowan Dean and Ross Cameron. Unbelievably, during her interview she stated the following: “there is zero evidence of gay kids getting expelled from religious schools; it’s just not happening. When there are children who have these issues in religious schools they are overwhelmingly dealt with pastorally and caringly, and in a way that tries to support their welfare. … Take for example the situation of a parent or child who wants to be an activist in a religious school. You’ve got a conservative Catholic school and you’ve got a child who wants to run a gay club within the school. That clearly contradicts with [sic] Catholic teaching and Catholic schools should have the right to say that’s not within the framework of the values we want for this school”1. Unfortunately, Stoker did not elaborate on what constitutes a ‘gay club’. Is it two members? Three?, Four? How would a Catholic school know if there was a gay club in their midst? After all they didn’t seem to know about the child abuse that was happening in their midst. What happens if these gay students do set up a gay club? Will they be expelled then? What if it only meets outside school hours? Will the school employ inspectors to check up on suspected gay children to make sure they do not associate with other gay children? This is just another way of the religious discriminating against LGBTIQ people, by condemning them to suffer in their lonely ostracism. Just like it used to be.

Stoker is a foaming-at-the-mouth Christian who wants to recriminalise abortion, having agued against its decriminalisation in Queensland2. She thinks that any moves to remove the Lord’s Prayer from the beginning of parliament is a distressing trend, despite the Constitution stating that it should be illegal to enforce any religious observance3. She also predicts terrible consequences if voluntary euthanasia becomes legal, despite these consequences having not eventuated in numerous parts of the world where it has been legalised4.

People like Stoker make me sick to my stomach. If she doesn’t want to be gay, she doesn’t have to be. If she doesn’t want to have her children go to a school which is replete with gay clubs, she can home-school them. If she doesn’t want to have an abortion, she doesn’t have to. If she doesn’t want to indulge in voluntary euthanasia, she doesn’t have to. If she wants to say the Lord’s Prayer before parliament, she is quite welcome to, just so long as she doesn’t inflict this mumbo-jumbo on others. The religious have been telling people what to do for millennia, and those times are coming to an end. They need to get used to it.




  • Matt Martin says:

    Spot on. Stoker is a swivel-eyed lunatic. Truly frightening in ways that Barry O’Sullivan never could be.

    PS: Typo in the 2nd and 3rd pars. “Stoker” not “Stokes”

    • admin says:


      Barry O’Sullivan is just an old fossilised thug; this woman is not playing with a full deck. Thanks for spotting the typos; fixed.

  • Ellie Large says:

    Amanda Stoker is a another of those Libertarians along with Latham, many in the IPA. Visit #IPAexposed on Twitter for lots of saved info.

    • admin says:

      Thanks. I’ll check it out. I’m starting to think that a lot of the IPA nutters are also religious nutters.

  • Jon says:

    You couldn’t make it up, but like all conservatives with no clue, no reasoned or reasonable argument, and a skewed moral compass, Stoker has. School gay clubs? Given the revelations of the RC surely Stoker as a “Christian” should be calling for laws which would the dismantle all those organisations which have been involved in the horrific abuse of children – or at the very least not allow them anywhere near children. Is she unaware that people have committed suicide and had their lives ruined by actions of self-labelled “Christians”? Actions which, possibly worse still, were covered up by church leaders?

    There are plenty of good Christians but you’ll have great difficulty hearing their voices above conservative nutjobs who are attempting to undermine our society at every turn.

    • admin says:

      I almost couldn’t believe what Stoker had said. It wasn’t quite the absurdist humour of Scott Morrison and his bus trip, but it was close. These people are seriously mentally deficient.

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