Prime Minister Scott Morrison, in yet another attempt at making himself look a bit more ‘Aussie dad’ had the upper charming promotional photograph with wife and daughters taken1. Then, at a later time, either he, or someone in his office, decided that wearing expensive foreign shoes (K-Swiss brand from California) was not a good look. So, it was deemed a good idea to get photoshopping and to replace the K-swiss shoes with perhaps some good old Australian Dunlop Volleys or something similar before it was used on his official website2,3. However, the person assigned to the photoshopping task was not quite up to the task, such that Morrison’s right foot, which is tucked under his upper left thigh, has had a left shoe photoshopped onto it. It is clearly a left shoe because a right shoe in such a position would have the arch side of the shoe uppermost. This one clearly doesn’t.



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