More Liberal climate change denial

Former Vice Chancellor of Notre Dame University, Celia Hammond, has been selected to run in Julie Bishop’s seat of Curtin. On the surface, she should have been a reasonably good candidate, being a clearly successful academic lawyer, who rose to be the chief executive of a university of sorts. However, she has said some bizarre things such as she is passionate about the commitment to the harmony of faith and reason1. This is an oxymoron, as faith is incompatible with reason; faith is belief in something for which there is no evidence, while reason is based solely on evidence. On top of this, she has spoken out, not just about militant feminism1, but about casual sex and contraception2. Why is it that the religious feel the need to pry into people’s personal lives, especially when they have their undies off? Should we get to make sure that their bedroom hijinks are acceptable and that there are no small animals or girl guide uniforms involved?

Now, Hammond has demonstrated that she either believes that all Australia’s climate scientists, the Bureau of Meteorology, and the Academy of Science are not capable of understanding the climate, or are all involved in a massive conspiracy. Both of these assertions are simply idiotic, as must Hammond be, given that she has stated human contributions to global warming are “very minimal”2. She acknowledged that climate change was a concern among voters2, and given she thinks the human effect is minimal, must therefore believe that voters are misguided, or stupid. In fact, it is Hammond who is stupid, in that she belongs to the halfwit end of the climate change denial spectrum, and simply disregards the science. She stated ignorantly, that her beliefs didn’t go “against the science” and that “there is a lot of science and a lot of contradictory science”. This, of course, is absolute garbage and demonstrates her limited understanding not only of climate change, but science in general. It also illustrates her inability to realise or admit her lack of expertise. One wonders, will she now tell physicists how to reconcile quantum physics and relativity, and if string theory is the way to go?

It is now the 21st century and we have known for at least 30 years that human activity is the cause of global warming3. All the drivel uttered by climate change deniers is just that: drivel. Why do the Liberal Party keep putting these pompous morons up for election? Is it simply because they have very few options left, because the cupboard of prospective candidates is bare? Or is it because the Liberal Party will only sign up religious nutters? Is this how the Liberal Party becomes unelectable, by turning into a party for religious nutters only, just as religion is in decline in Australia? One can only hope.




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