Liar Morrison

By September 29, 2019Australian Politics, Science

One suspects that Morrison went to visit the Mango Mussolini in Washington D.C. to get a few pointers on how to lie to the gullible. Unfortunately, it hasn’t worked out well for him. Firstly, his speech to a sparsely populated hall at the UN was symptomatic of how this buffoon and the nation he represents, is perceived around the world. His speech was replete with lies and half-truths which is standard practice for the Liberal Party these days, but it has been shown to be “colossal bullshit” by the Climate Council’s CEO, Amanda McKenzie, in an obviously frustrated rant1. Morrison stated that “Australia is taking real action on climate change and we are getting real results”. This is simply a lie. Australia is not taking real action on climate change and therefore results are not real. Ever since the repeal of the ‘carbon tax’ our emissions of greenhouse gases have been climbing consistently2. I suspect I know why the Climate Council used this terminology; I sometimes use similar expressions when faced with the drivel spouted by creationists, and climate change deniers like Morrison use the same techniques as creationists (Morrison is one of these too), and are similarly scientifically illiterate. It is a frustrating world when buffoons like Morrison seem to believe their ignorance is as valuable as climate scientists’ knowledge. Like many of the scientifically illiterate, he seems to think that science is simply a matter of opinion, and if you have a different opinion to the thousands of climate scientists’ conclusions, then it is just as valid as theirs. Nothing could be further from the truth. Climate scientists base their conclusions on thousands of research papers and many hundreds of thousands of observations, whereas those of the deniers tend to be based on wishful thinking. There are three possible reasons why Morrison, like his government, denies climate change: Firstly, he simply wishes climate change to be untrue and therefore believes it cannot be true; secondly, he doesn’t care for the well-being of millions, and simply believes he will be spared because he is a Christian and will be saved by his god; or thirdly, he has been bought off like the rest of his party by donations from big coal, big gas, denialist organisations and billionaire deniers. The first of these is built upon stupidity and scientific illiteracy; the second is built upon delusion and gullibility; the third on venality. Any of these could well lead to the effective destruction of parts of this nation, and leave great swathes of formerly inhabited and farmed parts of it uninhabitable3.



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