Young ignoramuses

By December 4, 2019Society

Many teenagers can be dickheads relatively often, and some eventually grow up to have rewarding careers in their chosen profession or in business. Those that don’t grow up, clearly join the Liberal Party. One of the incubators for such juveniles in the Liberal Party are the Young Liberals, now called by some ‘the Dutton Youth’. In Queensland where the Coalition parties have amalgamated, they are called the Young LNP, and it is the Gold Coast branch which has recently made the news with a short video put up on the branch’s Facebook Page. This video was such a disgrace that their entire Facebook Page has now been deleted. One of the Young LNP teenagers interviewed other teenagers at Schoolies on the Gold Coast, and one of the interviewees stated, in reference to Indigenous culture: “…we gotta stop celebrating a culture that couldn’t invent the bloody wheel, for god’s sake. We’ve gotta start enjoying and living western culture…”. At this, the interviewer, Chair of the Gold Coast branch of the Young LNP, Barclay McGain (what were his parents thinking?), laughed1,2. At present, these idiots are in a world of trouble, and so they should be. It also makes you wonder about the views of their parents.

These teenagers are so ignorant that they seem to think that the wheel was invented by someone in Europe. It wasn’t. It was invented in Mesopotamia (modern day Iraq) about 5,500 years ago. It was initially ‘invented‘ for use as a potter’s wheel, perhaps centuries before being used on chariots3. While it is possible that these dummies from the Young LNP know where Iraq is, that is not guaranteed. They may not, because this does not fit well with the christian European supremacism promoted as the Ramsay Centre’s view of ‘western culture’ (or should it be ‘kultur’?) which is presumably what they wish to enjoy. The rapidly changing modern world, especially in the ‘west’, with its progressive social movements, decline of religion, and the decline of neoliberal economics scares the bejesus out of the old farts in the Ramsay Centre and they will attempt to do anything to reverse these trends4. One wonders if these privileged little Young LNP wankers will learn anything from their misstep. One can only hope; but I won’t hold my breath.



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