Murdoch ‘experts’ furious

By December 15, 2019Australian Politics, Environment

As I mentioned a few days ago, the Liberal Party in New South Wales now seems a bit confused about climate change, with the state Environment Minister, Matt Kean, clearly stating that the bushfires in the state are obviously related to climate change. Despite this being a statement of reality, it was clearly too much for the climate change deniers in the New South Wales and federal governments to countenance1. It was also clearly too much for the climate change deniers in the Murdoch media, who were obviously outraged that someone could actually believe what thousands of scientists have been telling us for over 30 years, when all the climate change ‘experts’ employed by Murdoch have told us that climate change is a hoax. How dare Kean do such a thing! So, what have the Murdoch media done? Something they are very good at; character assassination. Murdoch’s Daily Bellylaugh, in the person of Clarissa Bye, has done a hatchet job on Kean, starting off with the statement of “NSW Environment Minister Matt Kean has never fought a bushfire despite signing up as a volunteer with the Rural Fire Service three years ago.”2  They also quote unidentified ‘locals’ who called Kean a “fairweather firefighter”. When Kean was asked why he hadn’t been out fighting fires, he replied that “there hasn’t been a fire in Hornsby”. However, he said he has been involved in a hazard reduction burn and has recently completed his training2.

Bye compares Kean unfavourably with former Prime Minister, Tony Abbott who, she says “actually fights fires and never used the RFS [Rural Fire Service] as a photo shoot to improve his image”. If he has never used the RFS as a photo-opportunity, then I’d hate to see it if he did, as I recall seeing Abbott in numerous news items showing how wonderful he was in his RFS gear. You too can see numerous photographs of him if you search Google for images using ‘Tony Abbott RFS’ as search criteria. In addition to being a pathological liar, Abbott is, of course, a climate change denier, having notoriously said that climate science is “absolute crap”3. This, from a person who, like the Murdoch ‘experts’, has absolutely no understanding of science, and ‘knows’ that if you believe hard enough, or pray hard enough that it isn’t happening, then it cannot be happening. This could pass for simple stupidity if it were not a response to climate change; paid for by fossil fuel company donations to the Liberal and National parties. It seems that Kean may not be as venal as many in his party.

The frightening thing for these Murdoch climate ‘experts’ is that their current pin-up boy, Prime Minister Scott Morrison, has admitted that climate change has contributed to the nationally disastrous bushfires4. So, what are people like the Combover (Maurice Newman)5, Terry McCrann6, Ian Plimer7, Fido (Chris Kenny)8, and Curly (Rowan Dean)9 going to do now that their messiah has made them look silly? Will they turn on Morrison and attempt to have him dumped? Will they simply shut up about climate change? Or will they simply tone down their drivel and eventually try to convince people that they were just keeping the scientists honest? The latter course would be the ultimate irony.



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