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By December 27, 2019Australian Politics, Environment

Barnaby Joyce (the Beetrooter) posted a video on Twitter, presumably taken on his phone and said:

“Well, you probably wonder what politicians do on Christmas Eve well (sic) when it’s drought [pans to cattle]; feed cattle. Now, you don’t have to convince me that the climate’s not changing. It is changing. My problem has always been whether you believe a new tax is gunna change it back. I just don’t want the government anymore in my life. I’m sick of the government being in my life. You know, and the other thing is I think we’ve gotta acknowledge is, you know, there’s a higher authority that’s beyond our comprehension and, right up there in the sky [pans to sky]. Unless we understand, ah, that’s gotta be respected, then we’re just fools; we’re gunna get nailed.”1

Whether Barnaby Joyce had knocked over a few cans before going out to feed his cattle is unclear, as he quite often rambles this incoherently while apparently completely sober. Despite this, many of the replies to Barnaby’s idiotic video tweet, suggested that he’d been on the turps again. While some time ago, he stated that climate change was unlikely to exist, last month he stated that it was the Sun’s magnetic field which caused climate change2. Now, it seems it is his god, or at least some higher power up in the sky (Gina Rinehart? Rupert Murdoch?). I wonder what it will be next month. Perhaps, like the gullible muppets on Sky News, he will conclude that it is the star Vega, which is some 25 light years away (i.e. 236 trillion kilometres), or perhaps the magnetic field of Jupiter3. Climate Change deniers like Joyce, and those in government with him, will say and do anything to avoid admitting that the scientists have got it right and that we are headed for an apocalyptic future.

The disturbing thing about this video is that this buffoon was leader of the National Party and for a time, was deputy Prime Minister and occasionally acted as Prime Minister. The government, of which he was a part, decided that it was much more important to keep donations flowing to the Liberal Party coffers from the fossil fuel industry, than to do anything to mitigate the effects of climate change. Australia has now become a pariah state who allied itself with Saudi Arabia and Russia to sink the Madrid Climate Conference. In addition to this, it is probably too late to limit the warming of the planet to 2 degrees C, let alone the 1.5 degrees C wished for at the Paris meeting. We are likely to go well beyond 2 degrees C and at that temperature increase, it is estimated up to 99% of tropical corals will die. That will do a power of good for the tourism industry in Queensland, and sooner rather than later, as it has been estimated that we will reach 1.5 degrees C within the next decade4. To make it abundantly clear, this austral summer, Australia is the hottest place on the planet, by some distance. Among the continents, it may be Australia which feels the brunt of climate change. Politicians like Joyce almost constantly talk about ‘the drought’ as if it will eventually end when the rains come. However, the rains may not come. This may be the new normal, as indicated by the drop in farm profitability of 22% over the last two decades as a result of climate change5. If this does prove to be the new normal, then this is not a drought, but the desertification of large tracts of inland Australia.

Joyce’s refrain of getting the government ‘out of my life’ is almost Trumpian in its absurdity. He is actually part of the government, albeit as a backbencher. I too would like it if the government got out of Barnaby Joyce’s life too, mostly by him not being in it. But then, there are many of Joyce’s ilk who, like him, are unsuited to have any influence over anyone, let alone the direction of the nation. Many of them are simply and clearly corrupt.

It will take years for the nation to recover any part of the reputation it used to have, and we can never recover the climate we used to have, as harsh as it was. Joyce uses the old furphy that a tax cannot take the climate back to what it was. This, like most of what he says is just talking point drivel he has regurgitated and it is based on a lie. What was called the carbon tax was exceptionally effective in decreasing our greenhouse gas emissions, but that tool was jettisoned by the Coalition government, and as a consequence, our emissions have been rising ever since6, notwithstanding the constant lying about it by Prime Minister Scott Morrison and sundry other ministers7,8.

While it is true that Australia cannot stop climate change by itself, I do wonder if we had taken the lead in climate negotiations decades ago, long before these venal bastards took office, what could have been achieved. However, now it is likely too late, and it is buffoons like Barnaby Joyce who have exacerbated the problem. Scientists have been telling politicians of the risks from climate change for 30 years, so they cannot say they were not told. They should pay for their sabotaging climate action. It is a crime against humanity.




  • Warren says:

    Is Barnaby fit to be a parent?

  • Gordon says:

    I ask myself, how on earth do buffoons like this ever get elected as leaders of this country. I tell myself that the answer must be their talent for bullshit, spin and absolutely nothing else.

    • admin says:

      I think you have hit the nail on the head. They can string words together so that they sound like they know what they are talking about. Morrison and Joyce are perfect examples. They can talk up a storm, while saying very little. Throw in a few lies that the media seem incapable of pointing out at the time, and they can get away with murder. There are an awful lot of gullible people out there who seem completely incapable of spotting a charlatan. Look at how many people were taken in by the Nigerian scam. Half a million dollar gift for giving them all your banking details, and people believed them. Astonishing.

      • Gordon says:

        Yeah so true Admin, and my wife spotted straight away that he was pissed.

        • admin says:

          Many people on twitter suspected the same.

          • Conversely, why doesn’t the Barnaby moron tell the other side to his story? that Australia is being punished by the heavens for assisting climate change.
            No the idiot prefers to spin the god bullshit the way he and scumo sees it.
            How the f^*# would anyone know what his god was thinking?

          • admin says:

            Barnaby is not the full shilling. He is flailing around for someone to blame; the sun, god, greenies, or anybody. This is because his lot have been denying the climate science for decades, and now the chickens are coming home to roost. We had a chance to do something in 1990 when the first IPCC Report came out in 1990, but now it is too late. The Coalition have denied climate science for so long and now the average Australian is going to pay for it, as it seems Australia will be the canary in the coalmine (excuse awful pun), as it is currently by far the hottest place on the planet. We have to make sure that we do not let these deniers get away with it. They must pay for their crime.

    • Suzanne Cass says:

      Think about the contribution to the beer industry the taxpayer pays on his behalf

  • Warren says:

    Barnaby really does have problems. He talks shit when pissed. He talks shit when not pissed. He claims to be a Christian but that is bullshit.

    But he is more brave than me. There is no way I can risk the well-being of the planet and my kids/grand kids by talking absolute bullshit. Perhaps his kids should placed into proper care. He is a lying, twisted nutter.

    • admin says:

      I will only be satisfied when these people are brought to justice.

    • Suzanne Cass says:

      Joyce should give the $670,000 he didn’t earn during the extended pub crawl that was his time as drought envoy. The firies could then have their disintegrating boots replaced, some food, and proper helmets and breathing masks. They could replace worn out tyres and other parts of their trucks replaced. He’s a drunken buffoon, and a thieving hypocrite.

      I wonder if he provides shade for his animals from the blazing sun.

      Thanks very much, New England

  • Mark Dougall says:

    Thanks admin, Warren and Gordon. I am so fed up with these turds it actually just makes me feel a little better to know that other people are also so fed up. Awful isn’t it. I guess it is the depression of having heatwave after heatwave here and trying to keep our animals alive while also hoping we don’t have a fire nearby, and knowing that we may have to leave our property if that happens. Joyce is so stupid he almost makes Morrison seem not stupid. By the way I only said “almost”. I am so sick of these morons.

    • admin says:

      Ditto to you. I started this with a great deal of trepidation, half expecting to get abuse from all sorts of science deniers. There have been a few, but they are mostly vegetables who have trouble stringing a cogent argument together, so they don’t bother me unduly. I do, however, value your often enlightening comments. Please continue.

  • JON says:

    Apart from the “brave” bit (culpably foolish would be a better term), good summation Warren. Add in hypocritical and unhinged. Apparently his latest incoherent Twitter rant concerns nuclear energy. I think he should be encouraged to push for the first plant to be built in the heart of New England. After all, think of the jobs and economic benefits. Given they’re responsible for keeping him on the taxpayer payroll they thoroughly deserve what they get.

  • Gordon says:

    I watch the ABC News channel quite a lot. However whenever Scoalmo or one of his obnoxious mates is doing a press release, it often buts into something interesting and just goes on and on until I switch channels or turn it off. I am wondering if the newcomer Chairperson Ita Buttrose is actually for ABC independence or just another one of those mates slotted in?

    • admin says:

      I cannot watch Morrison any more. When he comes on the television, I rarely last more than a few seconds before hitting the mute button. I am yet to be convinced either way about Buttrose, but I am concerned that she has been installed to turn it into something approaching Woman’s Day or Womens’ Weekly, or worse, No Idea (i.e. Less news, less information, more drivel).

  • Okgary says:

    At least someone has faith in Boeing.

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