The philosopher Donna Haraway speaks of the imperative of “staying with the trouble”, of not shying away from reality but instead inhabiting the present in all its complexity, terror, hope and joy and recognising our kinship with those around us. Perhaps it is time we all learned to do that, time we learned to recognise our own hopes and fears in other people. Because that is what many of us glimpsed in the faces of the people on the beach in Mallacoota on New Year’s Eve. We saw ourselves, our shared future, the terror and pain of what is coming. And we could no longer look away.

James Bradley


  • Okgary says:

    These somehow indivisible truths are rendered askance by the base tactics employed by News Corp and their compliant puppets, the crisis is here ,visceral and apparent. That multiple invisible agendas are at play makes it somewhat of a whack a mole(apologies for yank slang) that determining the real motivation of players (apologies for yank slang again ) involved ,is clouded by more , upon more disinformation , distraction and LIES. Truth (science) disappears, contrived concern is front page, how good are we at saving ourselves!? We need to know Murdoch’s (and the vile ipa’s) full game plan . They have a plan and it’s not in any of our best interests.

    • admin says:

      I think we know Murdoch’s full game plan, as I said earlier. It is rule by the corporate class through a puppet government. Murdoch’s media needs to be demolished and all other corporate media broken up so there are a diversity of voices, and so it is criminal to lie in the media.

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