[Morrison] has now been revealed as a dangerous incompetent, an opportunist populist combining policy vacuity with a reckless opportunism and a political tin ear.

Mungo McCallum


  • I heard Morrison say that we need coal so as to continue Australia’s “growth” (or something of that nature).
    It seems most of governments on this planet also support this “growth” agenda, and compete as to who can have the most “growth”.
    This planet does not have infinite resources to support endless grabs for “growth” and the accompanying population increases.
    I am confused by it all, and cannot understand why “growth” is so essential to an economy when it is clearly not maintainable.
    Maybe I am a dummy, but it appears to me that following the “growth” agenda, may result in the planet becoming a place where Morrison and the rest of the “growth” cohorts, will eventually find not to their liking.

    • admin says:

      Continuous growth eventually leads to collapse. These cretinous neoliberal economic buffoons should take a look at biology.

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