How Murdoch ‘ruperters’ operate 23

By June 25, 2020Australian Politics, Media

Sky News is the Murdoch-owned zoo of right wing nut jobs. The main aim of their world view is to keep ultraconservative governments in place where Murdoch has media interests (i.e., US, UK, Australia) so that billionaires like him need not worry about paying tax or that the occasional handouts from the government will stop. In doing so, they regularly lie and this has been the case for many years. Their constant lying has been a common theme on this blog from not too long after I started it about three and a half years ago. As you can see from the title, this is the 23rd in the series documenting their travesties. After the first 14 instances, I wrote a summary of all the transgressions1, but they have continued apace2-9.

The person who most assisted in the demise of the Abbott Prime Ministership, Peta Credlin, is now a talking head in this Murdoch Sky News zoo. According to her “There is nobody more responsible for the COVID-19 spike in Victoria than Premier Daniel Andrews due to his belated and weak response to the Black Lives Matter protests in Melbourne”. She even accused Andrews of “trying to use the increase in virus cases to try and divert attention away from the crisis that’s engulfed Victorian Labor all last week”10. Accusing the Black Lives Matter protests in Melbourne and elsewhere (they were in all capital cities) for causing the recent Victorian outbreak goes against the evidence, but then evidence, or facts, have never been important to Murdoch and his minions. Credlin doesn’t seem to realise that when an outbreak like this occurs, the contact tracers get in it trying to work out where the infections occurred, and who was the initial source. In one of the recent outbreaks in Keilor Downs and Coburg, both were extended family outbreaks where the virus is believed to have been transmitted inside private homes. Together, they made up about 25 cases and when they went home to various parts of Melbourne, they were spread across the local government areas of Hume, Brimbank and Moreland in Melbourne’s west, and Cardinia, a large area in the city’s east. Subsequently, there has been an unconnected family outbreak in Keilor Downs, again inside someone’s home. Daniel Andrews said: “The experts tell us that, largely, the numbers are being driven by families – families having big get-togethers and not following the advice around distancing and hygiene11.” This is what differentiates people like Andrews from liars like Credlin; Andrews listens to experts, while Credlin simply invents rubbish to serve Murdoch’s interests.

Perhaps the final response to the egregious lies of Credlin should be left to Nick Coatsworth, Deputy Chief Medical Officer. In a June 21 press conference, he was asked: “Given we’re exactly two weeks after the Black Lives Matter protest, can you confidently rule out that there aren’t eventually going to be connections that links back to those mass gatherings?” He replied: “There are three cases that have been diagnosed as people who have COVID-19 and attended the Black Lives Matter protest, but there is no evidence that there has been chains of community transmission that we are aware of through the Black Lives Matter protests”12.

This is what sickens me; the attitude of these appalling Murdoch liars like Credlin, who clearly have no self-respect and will spout any lie as long as it suits their owner’s purpose. Although it is a hackneyed response, I really do not understand how they can sleep at night.



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