The Australia of [Climate Change] denial, of special pleading, of whining for indulgence by sectoral interests; that Australia is a land of cowards and liars.

John Birmingham


  • Brian Turner says:

    Has Australia sunk so low? Is this a temporary COVID induced paralysis – or a longer term malaise? On climate change I would have thought bush fires might have raised concerns. I hope fires are manageable this summer. Whatever may happen, what else may go awry, I hope a reality check may motivate those with power to behave well and lead whatever actions may help.

    • admin says:

      It will never happen as long as they accept money from fossil fuel companies, and from denialist organisations in Australia and overseas.

  • Jon says:

    To continue Birmo’s quote:
    … and well-practised hypocrites. The rot starts at the head.

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