The nice part about accepting [climate] science is that you don't have to lie, shout, insult, cheat and/or be dishonest to make your point.

Gerald Kutney

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  • Brian Turner says:

    Well said. I admit I have a lot to learn about how to deal with sealioning. In practice I guess sealions are demanding brats and don’t seem to listen to suggestions or advice. I liked your tweet .

    But there are points to be made to those who might actually pay attention. Even if global warming and climate change don’t appear serious yet, hurricanes are beginning to get stronger and more frequent. Droughts and floods are slightly more problematic. Dried out forests and bush risk fires that are harder to contain. How long will this continue to worsen? We need to sell the issue to the voters and to the politicians in power.

    I am no expert, but please keep an eye on global climate and continue to publish relevant and pertinent findings. We need to push those in power to take this issue seriously and not to deny it – or just make meaningless agreements with fine words and no teeth (eg Rio, Kyoto, Paris). Otherwise we risk much more serious problems in future because of our delayed action to deal with it.

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