The insurrectionists

There have been many images floating around of some of the nutters involved in the insurrection which invaded the Capitol building in Washington DC last week. Most of the photos were Trump followers, who were simply idiots who were so supremely gullible that they believe anything Trump says. There was one person in what looked like a bearskin hat with a pair of protruding horns, face painted and lacking a shirt. He has been arrested and charged1.There was a woman in a tutu wearing stars and stripes leggings. There were various people waving the United States flag, Trump banners and the Battle flag of the confederate states. However, there were others there too, some of whom were not only gullible idiots like those above. They included the following:

  • A man with a windcheater emblazoned with a stylised large ‘Q’ in red white and blue. The Q refers to the QAnon nutters who will believe almost any conspiracy theory going around, such as the election was stolen; a paedophile ring operated out of pizza shop basement, etc. etc. This person has been arrested and charged2.
  • A man with a long beard and long hair had a black windcheater with the front having a skull and crossbones in white, above which was ‘Camp Auschwitz’ an allusion to the nazi death camp from the Second World War, and below which was the phrase ‘work brings freedom’, which is a rough English translation of the sign above the entrance to Auschwitz death camp ‘arbeit macht frei’ (work makes you free). On the back of his black windcheater was the word ‘staff’3. It has been suggested that it was he who bashed a policeman over the head with a fire extinguisher. The policeman later died.
  • A man with a beard and long hair wore a t-shirt with the motto ‘6MWE’. This was over a stylised eagle motif, and under which was a fasces. This was the emblem adopted by Mussolini of a bundle of sticks with an axehead protruding from the bundle. This is from where the term fascism originated. The 6MWE alludes to the holocaust in which about 6 million Jews were murdered by the Nazis in places like Auschwitz. 6MWE stands for ‘6 million weren’t enough’4.

These are some of the people to whom Trump appeals, and who he has encouraged, and incited to invade the Capitol building. Anyone who thinks these people will go away if a few of them are charged and imprisoned, is misguided. These groups will just wait for another chance, or another, perhaps less stupid Trump-like individual in a position of power. While perhaps not as numerous, some of these groups exist in Australia.




  • Russell says:

    The clothing, symbols, excess wild hair, horns on a hat and screechy, snarly bestial manner of protest all tend to indicate a truly serious problem in America. Them there weirdos would once have likely been incarcerated in a place where the charming Nurse Ratchet (Ratshit?) would order them to swallow all their medication for severe psychosis. Recall that our tough lady accepted no opposition and in the end she even crushed Jack’s resistance. Perhaps the USA needs to build, not more jails or high walls against evil “Mexican rapists”, but nut-farms and asylums for a few million home-grown feral loonies like those who bizarrely support a tangerine-haired, sociopathic, criminal gorilla for their President! Er, sorry you dwellers of the African jungle, didn’t mean to put you down.

    • clive pegler says:

      but but but, wasn’t it really Antifa and other leftie liberals who stormed the capitol building in order to overturn the election that they had just won?

    • admin says:

      It is bizarre the sort of getups these people seemed to think as appropriate for an insurrection. I just saw a photo of one who was dressed up as a Roman soldier, albeit an obese one. The thing that currently concerns and amazes me the most is that there are morons out there who actually believe that a cabal of cannibalistic paedophiles run the planet and it is only Cletus and Mary-Jo from Dogpatch, Kentucky, who can save all those children. Some of these Q nutters in Australia actually believe that there are tunnels under Melbourne where all the children are kept.

  • Russell says:

    Thanks Clive, I suddenly see the light! The riot at the Capitol was a plot by wily Treehugger Vegan Satanist LGBT etc traitors of the stars-and-stripes. They want to oust Sleepy Joe before January 20th, via The Donald’s support. In fact Joe’s policy statements are far too mild, too middle-of-road for that communistic mob. The insurrection was their way to arrive at replacing Biden with some secret Leader of Ultra-Left ideology. Forget Fidel Sanders. Well, may Godly Trumpettes win against baddies threatening to turn America into a decent nation to live in.

  • Jon says:

    Their dress in some cases undoubtedly defines their character but that’s not really the problem here. The real problem and threat (well one of them) is now becoming apparent as impeachment plays out. And that is the total lack of morals, ethics, integrity, respect for the law and the USA Constitution of MOST Republican “lawmakers” in Congress. Their language, actions and votes all define them as dangerous hypocrites who should never be trusted again. Left/Right “loyalty” does not mitigate their behaviour – it’s simply an excuse for their lack of principles and their craven dishonesty.

    • admin says:

      Yep. I was staggered that 190+ House Republicans voted not to impeach, given that there was a fair bet that some of them could have been killed had the Mango Mussolini-inspired insurrection played out differently. This left-right ‘culture war’ is something that has amazed me for a long time. It was first apparent to me during the Howard years, when Henry Reynolds wrote about the decimation of Aboriginals after the arrival of Europeans. Immediately there was a backlash, they accused Reynolds and his ilk of representing the black armband view of history, while they presented what came to be known as the white blindfold view. I first bumped into this personally when my old man told of someone he knew who simply refused to believe Reynolds’ analysis, and maintained that Aboriginals killed thousands of settlers rather than the reverse. He was a churchgoer, so perhaps couldn’t ‘believe’ his christian forebears were murderous bastards.

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