Been clear to me for a long time that for Morrison to utter a word of criticism of Trump, QAnon etc would be tantamount to resignation from the circle of his closest friends. He is guided by mysterious forces and beliefs that most of us don’t even begin to understand.

Paul Barratt


  • Arthur Baker says:

    Morrison’s beliefs are not mysterious. It’s very clear that he believes a great catastrophe will envelope the world, and then (at the “End Times”) his “Lord” will return to Earth, whisking him and all his co-believers (some of whom the “Lord” will have to resurrect) up into the air to spend eternity in “heaven”. Not at all mysterious. Just infantile and stupid. A belief doesn’t have to be logical or make any sense to be clearly understood.

    • admin says:

      That is perhaps the most disturbing of his beliefs, in that he believes whatever happens to the planet, he’ll be OK. Not only infantile and stupid, but exceptionally dangerous.

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