Scott Morrison seemingly believes that it is only as a father of daughters that he could deal with the Parliament House rape allegations which made the news in recent days. Morrison said: “Jenny and I spoke last night and she said to me, ‘You have to think about this as a father first. What would you want to happen if it were our girls?’ Jenny has a way of clarifying things — always has.” It was very pointed that in one press conference where he used the ‘as a father of daughters’ phrase, a journalist asked him if he should feel that way ‘as a human being’. Touché. In reply, Morrison mumbled something about being a father was part of his humanity. However, the ‘father of daughters’ schtick is a symptom of sexism, a reflection of the tendency to consider women only in the context of their relationship to men1.

Perhaps Jenny Morrison could remind Scott that he is actually a parent to two young humans who will be left to live on a devastated planet, large parts of which are likely to be uninhabitable2, unless we decrease our carbon dioxide emissions very, very quickly, if it isn’t already too late3. Maybe that lightbulb moment will make him think about doing something on global warming, other than making it worse by his inaction. In 30 years, it will be interesting to hear what his daughters think about his inaction, as the world they knew as children, collapses around them.




  • Jon says:

    About time one of the gutless tribe (ie political journos) called him out. You don’t need to be a parent, let alone the father of daughters, to know how intrinsically wrong sexual violence and harassment is – irrespective of the sex of the victim.

    Morrison’s comments are hollow and contrived. He’s tone deaf, and calculating so. Leave your wife out of it Jellyfish and show some moral backbone, even if you don’t understand the nation’s laws. What next? “I prayed for guidance and God told me that sexual assault was wrong?” Strange that he couldn’t work it out for himself despite a good upbringing, a Christian framework to live by, and UNEQUIVOCAL LAWS, which everyone who has reached the age of reason knows and understands.

    Jellyfish’s government’s ethical and moral standards are arguably the lowest of any contemporary federal govt in Australian history. Ministerial standards have surely hit rock bottom, although every time I think that a new low is set by some elected arse who thinks taxpayer funds are there for his/her personal use. Berejiklian is a classic case of a moral compass gone south. Hey everyone [as obviously unethical and abhorrent as it is], it’s not “illegal”! Pretty much sums up many current politicians and political parties unfortunately.

  • clive pegler says:

    i don’t know if i am all that comfortable with jen as a PM advisor. She is after all, just another one of those prosperity gospel happy clappers, a white supremacist ( remember THAT hand gesture in the family photo) and no doubt a serious Qanoner. I wonder if Scuntmo is also a closet anti vaxxer, after all… his photo op pic of getting the jab was from a needle with the cap on. 😀

    • admin says:

      Morrison is one of the prosperity gospel anti-christians too, and is a narcissist, so I doubt he uses her as an advisor; after all she is only a woman. I think he uses her purely as a political prop; much like he used a lump of coal.

  • Russell says:

    One after another in a cringe-worthy trickle come those gauche, naive, folksy comments from Scomo’s mouth. He often smiles with self-approbation after uttering a cheesy nostrum or a defunct cliche, as if he were both a primary school kiddie and its teacher. The kid has top marks in a spelling test, and teacher (same person) offers him a gold star for doing so well. (“A jolly smart boy am i” thinks Scottie).

    He keeps up the same front he has used from the start of his reign, on the day he and henchmen rammed stilletoes into Turnbull’s back. The baseball cap, the matey jabber about sport, those pre-arranged appearances at barbies, family-style activities and events of a very “Aussie Aussie Aussie” white fella kind; they’re all part of a Morrison vaudeville routine employ ed to communicate: “Look here fellow Australians, I’m just a regular bloke like the tradie next door, who loves a beer and a game of rugger. And all pulling together in our wonderful classless society down under. Cheers mate”. Such a corny and untrue image of our country it is. Classless and egalitarian nation my arse! But many people must be fooled by Morrison’s “mate” act. On occasion it badly rebounds, as when he tried to force handshakes with exhausted firemen in an area devastated by flames – just after the fool arrived back from drinking Mai-Tais on Waikiki Beach. What irony dripped from that video of very angry residents, as they launched on Scomo a blast of fine Aussie invective over his gross neglect of the bushfire issue.

    He’s all pretence and puffery the PM, because he doesn’t have a single clue how to be truly sincere. Scottie from marketing is absolutely the corrrect term for him.

  • Mark Dougall says:

    I just asked my wife whether she thought it was ok if I made another comment on this blog. She has this way of clarifying things. She said “I couldn’t give a stuff. What are you, a baby?” I was shattered.

  • Jon says:

    Precisely, Russell.

    Morrison learned a lot of things from his inglorious marketing career, sadly sincerity, honesty and leadership weren’t among them. Some Australians apparently lap up the faux folksy facade, so much so they didn’t care that he attempted to circumvent the banking RC, they don’t care that he refused to meet retired emergency services heads re the impending dangers of the 2019 fire season, don’t care that he and his “mate” Turnbull refused to fund a fleet of aerial tankers, don’t care that he went on holidays even as his nation’s national estate was being ravaged and people’s homes, lives and livelihoods lost, and they still don’t care that his government has no vision, no significant policy reform, and no plans to fix existing problems (just as they had no plans to fix the aged care mess or C19). Ignorance is bliss in this mediocre country.

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