Australia is being left behind by the rest of the world on this, you know, all of the other major markets, Europe, the UK, the US, we’re seeing transitions in India and China, everyone is starting to move towards a renewable future because that’s where the jobs are, that’s where the money is, and it makes market sense. Every single big company or investor who has pulled out of fossil fuel hasn’t done it out of the goodness of their heart, they’ve done it because there’s no money in it any more. We know that, but in Australia, we’re just stuck in this quagmire of having the same argument we were having ten years ago, where we just live in this imaginary world where fossil fuels are going to continue forever and it doesn’t matter what we do because, you know, we’re not going to have that much impact on what’s happening in terms of the temperature rising across the world. And it’s just absolute balderdash, it’s not a reality we can afford to live in any more, but neither of our political parties, our major ones, are brave enough to tell people that.

Amy Remeikis

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