Scott Morrison couldn't lead a dog on a leash. He's a follower. He waits for someone else to do and say something, and if it looks like it might be a goer, he rides on their coat tails; then he calls press conferences to big note himself and take the credit.

G. Dixon


  • Arthur Baker says:

    Big crime-bust last week, hundreds of arrests after longterm collaboration between AFP and FBI and crafty infiltration/surveillance of gangs. And who pops up like a jack-rabbit to make the big announcement and take the credit on TV? Scotty from self-marketing.

    • admin says:

      Yep. He is everywhere when credit is being flung about, despite having nothing to do with it. However, when the excrement hits the fan, he reverts to the Morrison Equation: Shit + Fan = Holiday

  • Jon says:

    I’m not a big fan of Elizabeth Farrelly but her piece on Morrison’s lack of leadership in today’s SMH has a few gems.
    ….”Electric vehicles are an easy part of the remedy. But take-up is microscopic. Why? Because we wallow in an abject policy vacuum. Because when government no longer believes in governing, true leadership becomes impossible.

    When government worships only corporate gods; when it thinks strong governance involves kissing up and kicking down, when in the same week it toadies to the mining lobby and denies a desperately ill three-year-old medical treatment for political reasons, it’s all over.”

    And this analogy with sport:
    “This, no doubt, is “our way”. It’s the lazy-as-she-goes approach, like digging up coal and selling it, like watching TV with a tinnie and calling that sport. It’s “she’ll be right, mate”. But will she?

    • admin says:

      Yep; sometimes Farrelly hits the nail on the head and sometimes her thumb. This one sounds like a nail; I’ll have to read it.

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