Under Morrison, we're having to relearn one of the main lessons of the corrupt Bjelke-Petersen regime - [that] many conservative voters will tolerate (and indeed condone) any degree of government corruption just so long as it benefits them personally, despite the deep harm it causes others.

Milly Majich


  • Arthur Baker says:

    That’s because they simply don’t see the deep harm it causes others. Or if they do see it, they trivialise it.

    • admin says:

      I think they do see it, but because so many groups of people have been demonised by conservatives; black people, refugees, the poor, the young, the disabled, progressives, the knowledgeable, etc., they feel that they can justify it by, in essence, saying ‘it serves them right’. It is the same reason that conservatives want to keep fannying around with the war on drugs, because it is only drug addicts that die and they deserve it. It is the same reason the government got away with robodebt; those people are bludgers so they deserve to be hammered for their debts. It goes on and on.

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