Have you heard?

By July 10, 2021Australian Politics

Did you hear Peta Credlin say: “Today should have been that day when this New South Wales government finally died of shame”; “Liberal leaders should be whacked with baseball bats for their epic incompetence and ineptitude”; and “Sydney’s lockdown is based on a lie”. Did you hear Chris Kenny say: “The lockdown in Sydney should never have been called and is one which is completely unnecessary”; ‘Sydney is being held hostage by fear and lies”; and “Hotel quarantine works, it’s just that New South Wales keeps stuffing it up”. Did you hear Treasurer Josh Frydenberg say: “The request for further federal assistance from New South Wales is a desperate attempt to smear the federal government”; “There’s been a callous indifference in New South Wales from the government to the loss of jobs and to the plight of small business”; “New South Wales’ bloody-mindedness is unforgivable.” Did you hear Tim Smith say: “Gladys Berejiklian is a liar, a friendless loser, a control freak wowser and a loony”; and “Chairman Gladys, the nonsensical dictator”.

No? Me neither, as such statements were only reserved for the Victorian lockdown and Victorian premier Dan Andrews. This is the sort of drivel you now have to expect from the right wing nut jobs doing Murdoch’s bidding on his assorted media, as well as from Liberal politicians. There is, as Jack Waterford said when referring to Scott Morrison, a “retreat from values, a lack of regard for truth for decency and the long term public interest”. It applies to all of them. Everything is about politicking and giving the Murdoch media lies they can spread.


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