Over the years, I have met, reported on and/or interviewed every Prime Minister, from Menzies to Turnbull. Some I knew well. Others barely at all. Menzies was a silver-tongued liar who took us into the disaster of Vietnam. McMahon, often labelled our worst Prime Minister, was a treacherous backstabber despised by most of his cabinet. Howard also lied us into a futile war and aroused our worst instincts of greed and racism. Abbott was a nutter. Turnbull talked the talk but never walked the walk. Of Labor PMs, Hawke’s cabinets were loaded with dazzling talent. Keating was brilliant but eventually lost touch with the people. Rudd blew it on climate change; Gillard on same sex marriage. But however flawed, all these Prime Ministers had a vision for the nation, of what we might become. They had policy ambitions, a sense of direction, a concept of the demands of leadership. Morrison exhibits nothing of this. Scratch the surface and there is nothing there. He is a glib charlatan, a mountebank, a sideshow juggling act, an empty and frivolous collection of slogans and clichés. He is, beyond any doubt, our worst Prime Minister.

Mike Carlton

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