I think one of the key things that happens is that there is a belligerent demand for people to position themselves as victims. If you look at the cohort of people who are savagely antivaxxer, not the people who are scared, not the people who are simply misinformed; but if you look at the cohort who are savagely antivaxxer, they tend to be life’s losers. That’s who they are, and those people can either take on a personal narrative of ‘I’m a victim’ or ‘I’m an idiot’, and the ‘I’m a victim’ is a far happier outcome and a far easier thing to resolve. It’s difficult down at the shallow end, and that’s where they are, frankly. (The Drum [45:46], https://iview.abc.net.au/video/NC2107H229S00)

Toby Ralph

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