When it comes to submarines, we sign up to some vague plan at the cost of tens of billions. When it comes to showering taxpayer money into Coalition seats as rorts, it’s considered good value. When it comes to large corporations walking away with billions of erroneously claimed JobKeeper dollars, there’s no need to get the handouts backs. But now that I would like a few RAT [Rapid Antigen Test] kits, which would be for the wider community’s health more than my own, I’m being lectured on things not being “free”. I have not been able to procure a RAT, but I sure can smell one. [https://www.smh.com.au/national/nsw/couldn-t-give-a-rats-pm-cuts-us-loose-as-cases-soar-20220104-p59loe.html]

Wendy Varney

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