Murphy’s law

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We were driving to Sydney to visit relatives today and when we were about half way there, we received a text message to say that people we had seen on Sunday had just done a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) prior to going to work after a few days off, and the result was positive for Covid-19. So we stopped in a parking area along the highway, dragged out the RATs to see if we had contracted this bastard virus. So there we were in a carpark sticking swabs up each other’s nostrils to do our RATs. Fortunately, they both came back with a negative result. If anyone had been around to see it, I wonder what they would have thought. Checking out the protocols for such a situation was relatively easy. I just typed in a question to Google and up came the answer (I bet it has been asked many times). That answer stated that we did not need to do another test, but we had to isolate for 7 days. So being half way to Sydney, we had to chuck a uey and drive back home, unload all the food and drink and sit in isolation for the remainder of the week. So here we are in isolation again, but fortunately we have plenty of food; as long as you like blueberry and raspberry muffins and egg and bacon tarts, which had been made especially for our relatives in Sydney.

Murphy’s Law states that ‘whatever can go wrong, will’. It certainly did today. By the end of the week, I think I will have had enough muffins and egg and bacon tarts for a while.


  • Jim says:

    Character building with a balanced diet!!

  • Anne Thompson says:

    So were you required to report the positive tests to ‘the authorities?’ And are there penalties for not doing so? I’m sure there are many RATs that are not reported and some who do not self isolate as required as everything seems to be easing up now. Hoping you don’t get sick – even from over-eating muffins and tarts!!

    • admin says:

      Our tests were negative, but our visitors’ positive tests were prior to going to work and the RATs were provided to them for that purpose, so they had to be, and were reported. I don’t know if there are penalties for not reporting positive tests, but I expect there are. Had egg and bacon tarts for dinner last night, after taking them for a long drive for no apparent reason. Slept well last night so feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed today.

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