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By February 14, 2022Australian Politics, Science, Society

Apart from the viral or bacterial illnesses afflicting the Convoy to Canberra people out at the Exhibition Park in Canberra (EPIC) campsite which I mentioned in a previous item1, there have been some hilarious rants coming out of EPIC. It almost goes without saying that some of these have been completely wacky conspiracies. They include the following:

  • The government are supplying vials of E. coli, Salmonella and even Typhoid to Coles and Woolworths so they can put this stuff into the food being delivered to the Convoy people to make them sick2.
  • Blowpipe darts are being used to inject people with vaccines2.
  • Four Australian Federal Police vehicles outside EPIC are using radiation weapons against the Convoy people to make them sick2.
  • A big black van parked outside EPIC is using an ultrasonic machine that causes brain damage2.
  • People are getting sunburnt too easily. The government are putting something in the air to make them burn more easily2.
  • Telstra are jamming their mobile phones2.
  • There are bees which have been dosed with vaccine and are stinging people and injecting the vaccine.
  • The pink-eye and gastroenteritis outbreaks were caused by chemtrails*3.
  • UPDATE: The 5G towers around EPIC have been recalibrated to focus their energy on the area and that is why people are getting sunburnt7.

In another instance of their disengagement from reality, the large crowd was said by some of the protesters to be hundreds of thousands strong, whereas realistic estimates put the crowd at about 10,0002.

However big the crowd was, they are a disparate bunch. They include antivaxxers, anti-mandaters, far-right activists, anti-semites, those railing against socialism (without knowing what it is), ‘sovereign citizens**’, indigenous rights activists, white supremacists and evangelical Christians2.

*Chemtrails: Conspiracy theorists maintain that there is a government program to add toxic chemicals to the atmosphere from jet aircraft and that they can be seen as a jet aircraft flies overhead. It is assumed to be part of a government plan to sterilise people, reduce life expectancy, or control people’s minds4. In reality, the plume you sometimes see from a jet aircraft is a condensation trail or vapour trail, a streamer of cloud behind a jet flying in clear cold humid air. The contrail forms when water vapour produced by the combustion of jet fuel condenses on soot particles or sulphur aerosols in the plane’s exhaust. When the ambient humidity is high, the resulting ice-crystal plume may last several hours5.

**Sovereign citizens: These people believe that the laws of the land in which they live do not apply to them. The FBI has described the movement, which lacks any organisational structure, as “domestic terrorism” and calls followers “anti-government extremists who believe that even though they physically reside in this country, they are separate or ‘sovereign’ from the United States”. The ideology hatched in the 1970s and grew out of Posse Comitatus, a US anti-government group that contained many followers who were anti-Semitic and believed governments were controlled by Jews.


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  • clive pegler says:

    dear oh dear, or as they say down in south of ‘merika .. “bless”

    seems that ‘big black van’ must have been getting about for some considerable time. I have it on good authority*¹ that ‘they’ have been using it for at least 20 years and one of their 1st experimental victims was one Alan Bond in Karnet Prison Farm in WA in 2000, when released he claimed he had lost 20 IQ points. Although that may have been due to all that time (3 years) that he claimed to have spent reading the bible.

    *¹ me mum.

  • Mark Dougall says:

    I truly do not know what to make of these people. On the one hand they are so committed to their views that they prepared to travel vast distances to protest, to give up their jobs and, in many cases, alienate their friends and family. This is impressive commitment. However, on the other hand, they are so friggiingly, incompetently, mind numbingly lazy, or just so amazingly stupid, that they cannot do some basic research, available to anyone, to find out what is real, and what is not. This is pure fanaticism. This is actually frightening in its idiocy, and the danger it presents to our society. But what really, deeply, annoys me, are the disgusting politicians, evil media manipulators, and foul power players, who seek to use these strange, foolish people to advance their own venal nasty agendas.

    • admin says:

      Like you I am infuriated by this lot’s wilful ignorance. But, as you say, the real culprits are the urgers, politicians and media mongrels (both owners and ‘journalists’) who maipulate them for base political purposes. They are the real criminals.

      • Jon says:

        Like the “mainstream” UAP (Palmer, Kelly, Smit, Ciechanowicz – latter two mentioned in the SMH article on the freedom junkies – https://www.smh.com.au/national/victoria/falling-into-the-freedom-movement-and-getting-out-20220104-p59lsl.html) for example?

        These freedumb junkies get a lot of their leads from their USA counterparts and we’ve recently seen what the once (moderately) reasonable Republicans have become since their dalliance with Trump. If their excusing the deadly Capitol Hill riots wasn’t enough I see now a perhaps more dangerous group is emerging if this article is an accurate depiction.


        Theil’s opinion that “freedom and democracy aren’t compatible” is the stuff of fascist and communist dictators. God help America and the world if people like him get their hands on the levers of power.

        • admin says:

          Yep; if the dance of the Republicans with Trump continues to the point of them getting power in the House of Reps, the US is buggered. Thiel is a billionaire bastard who, I suspect, is mostly concerned with avoiding taxation. He clearly wants the US to be even more of an oligarchy than it currently is, which is difficult to contemplate given where it is now. To state that freedom and democracy are not compatible is an extraordinary load of excrement. Democracy is the only thing that guarantees freedom, and it is being white-anted by the wealthy, corporates, the religious and their conservative grovellers at every opportunity.

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