The internet connection saga continues

By March 14, 2022Business, Technology

As I related almost two weeks ago our internet connection has been various shades of cactus since last August and, as we were told by our provider, has been completely cactus since February 26th. A technician came to our property two days later and discovered what he thought was the problem, but couldn’t fix it because it needed a cherry picker to do so. He said that this would be organised soon1. Meanwhile, as the rain has stopped and the winds have died down a bit, the internet connection has come back a bit. It has, as I write this, a download speed of 26.5 Megabits per second (Mbps), which is about half our previous ‘normal’ speed, but it still drops out occasionally.

We received notification on Wednesday March 9th, that the NBN technician was going to come on the morning of Thursday, March 10th, to fix the issue. The technician did not arrive so my partner called (I was out of town) to find out what was happening. They were told that the technician did not have the part, but would arrive on the morning of Friday, March 11th with the part, to fix the problem.

The technician did not turn up early on the Friday, so my partner called to find out when the technician was coming as they had appointments and errands to run in the afternoon. Nobody answered the call. My partner rang again soon afterward to find out the expected arrival time, but again there was no answer. However shortly after that, the technician sent a text message: “Sorry, can’t talk right now”. Shortly after receiving this, my partner replied by text message asking if the NBN technician was going to complete the job on the Friday. A text message came in reply: “Gm [Good Morning?] i haven’t got the part other tech will have a good day”. Partner Replied on Friday, March 11th, at 9:02am “So no visit today? When will the job be completed?

There has been complete silence since then.




  • Cathleen O'Connor says:

    my download 1.14am 17.6mbps Don’t think I have ever had 26.5.. But I often have less than 10

    • admin says:

      I am not a high-end user, so I’d probably be able to cope with a speed like yours most of the time. However it is the dropouts which can go for 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes or days which bugger everything up. In addition, when using my phone hotspot, the phone system has occasionally dropped out too.

  • Warren says:

    Are you able to tell your readers who is your fantastic provider Mrs BLOT?

  • Warren says:

    I’m not encouraged to move to the NBN. Many I know are moving away from it. I wonder when the small gov., and small minded, LNP will sell the the NBN?

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