Got a phone call last week from a stressed son asking if we could see our way clear to provide some assistance due to severe illness in the family. About eight hours later we were providing that assistance: cooking, cleaning, walking a dog, entertaining a recovering toddler. Love conquers all.


  • Jon says:

    Got a phone call about the fires. Told them I’d pray for them from Hawaii.
    Got a phone call about vaccination. Told them ‘what’s the hurry, it isn’t a race’.
    Got a phone call about some womens’ rally in Canberra. Told them they were lucky we don’t shoot protestors in Australia.

    Praying for your son and family not good enough for you?

    A very good ‘The Conversation’ article by: ‘Robyn Whitaker, Senior Lecturer in New Testament, Pilgrim Theological College, University of Divinity’ on Morrison’s abdication of action/responsibility and what REAL (imo) Christianity says about prayer V action for those with power to bring about change.

    Hope things are improving for your son and family.

    • admin says:

      Yeah, they are all on the mend now. I cannot wait to see the end of that malevolent bastard Morrison. We were talking to a Sophie Scamps t-shirt wearing supporter (she is running against Falinski) on one of our strolls with the toddler and he was very upbeat, and knew about Pocock running in the ACT. Interesting days. If I am not dribbling down my shirt in the too near future, if one of my grandkids asks me who Scott Morrison was, I’d love the be able to say: ‘He was the person who destroyed the Liberal Party and started the decline of the oligarchy’.

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