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By June 22, 2022Society

I went to my local GP and received my second booster (Pfizer again) at lunchtime yesterday, after having received my first booster in the middle of January1. It was touch and go whether I would be able to make it, after having been as sick as a dog for a fair proportion of he last month; first with a virus, followed by a secondary bacterial infection; then with another virus which stopped me eating much for a few days. However, the last viral hell lasted a week (two rapid antigen tests were both negative for Covid-19), but I was out of it in time for the appointment for the booster.

It is mandatory to wear a mask when entering the doctor’s practice. This is no great problem for me as I wear a mask everywhere in indoor public spaces. I do this because I am not a halfwit, and because I realise that anyone who believes that we are through ‘the pandemic’ doesn’t know what they are talking about, with three quarters of Australian deaths from Covid-19 having occurred in the last 6 months2, and only one quarter in the previous two years. To protect yourself and your fellow Australians, wear a mask when you are indoors in public places.




  • Michael Peters says:

    Well stated, mask partner.

  • Stafford says:

    Great, sport – fully vacced here also and wearing a mask pretty well most places.
    Enjoy your blog – excellent commonsense and referenced as well!

    Hope you are fully recovered,



    • admin says:

      Good to hear you’re dosed up to the max. That and mask wearing have kept us uninfected so far, and the other viruses have been defeated. Now I only feel a little seedy from the booster. Hopefully that will wane over the next 24 hours.

  • Jon says:

    Along with Arthur’s comment, here’s something else to lift your spirits after your recent lurgies BA (Blot Admin). You may have already read it on Twitter, I saw it on Pickering’s The Weekly last night.

    Don’t usually watch The Weekly as I find it (and Charlie’s style) a bit naff/meh, but glad I did because Margaret Pomeranz’s “review” of recent TV lifestyle/love inanities was bewdiful. Satirical comedy genius, and delivered with a straight face, in her inimitable style.

    Anyway, back to the point. In a show of blissfully oblivious irony Shadow Minister Karen Andrews told TV reporters – apologies, Sky News, I googled it – that the current Energy “crisis” (yet more bs, akin to the faux budget crisis) is Labor’s fault “because they had 9 years in opposition to prepare”. If the head-bobbing (google and watch it) Andrews’ bumbling wasn’t the result of covid fog or PETSD, that itself was comedy genius. With such fabulous insight we can only hope Ms Andrews herself has 9 years to prepare for her next tilt at incompetence and gross mismanagement.

    Where do they get them?

    • admin says:

      I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it (I had heard about it, but saw it, like you, on Pickering’s show). How Andrews could actually think this was anything approaching sensible, simply goes to show what the muppets in the Liberal Party think of the people to whom they are attempting to appeal. This is just one more indicator of its eventual demise.

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